Why this one mindset shift is essential to successful fatigue recovery!


Fatigue is a little devil! It sneaks up on you ever so slowly over weeks, months and even years. And before you know it it’s got its claws into you, and it’s impossible to shake it off.

Fatigue tricks you into thinking ‘oh it’s just my age, that’s why I feel so tired all the time’ Or ‘Its the menopause’ and some of you may even be thinking, ‘It’s not that bad’ when the truth is that if you stopped to think about it for just a minute, so KNOW DEEP DOWN, this tired, exhausted and depleted version of you isn’t the real one. IN fact, she doesn’t even come close!!

When we carry fatigue around like a dead weight, it affects your joy for living, eats away at your motivation, and slowly but steadily erodes your ability to get yourself organised and take the very best care of yourself. So you stay stuck.

As I say, it’s a little devil!!

So where do we even start?

How can we shift this fatigue once and for all? How can we start to make a real and lasting impact on our energy levels? and start to make a real and lasting impact on our energy levels?

Most of us faced with this question think the answer lies in eating more healthily, exercising more and such things. But the real truth is that there is a vital step BEFORE any of that stuff. And if you miss this step, you will always be struggling to sustain your energy recovery work.

One profound mind shift

Here is the real issue: HOW you think about what’s going on with your health and energy levels, and what you BELIEVE is possible, is THE RECIPE for success!

It begins with one profound mind shift and without this shift, you’ll simply be taking actions that won’t last. Getting some results but they won’t be sustainable.

The one mindset shift is this: you have to believe it is possible.

1. I’ll believe it when I see it or I’ll see it when I believe it.

There is a really famous quote by a guy called Wayne Dyer, who said, I’ll believe it when I see it or I’ll see it when I believe it.

But which comes first? Do we wait until we’ve got the evidence? So that when our daily experience is that of amazing energy we can turn around and say, now I believe it is possible?

Or do we flip it the other way around? And say, I’m going to believe that it’s possible first.
Once I believe it, and my thoughts are aligned with what I really want, which is beautiful 10 out of 10 energy levels every day, once your mindset is there, once you believe that it is possible, then you can start taking action from the right place to make that a reality?

Can you see the difference?

2. What gets in the way of making this mind shift?

So when we look at what is getting in the way of believing we can have amazing energy it is often that we doubt ourselves. We doubt that it is possible!

You may have looked for evidence that it is normal for your age to have little or no energy. You look at the women around you, who are a similar age to you. who aren’t bouncing around with great energy either. So you conclude that achieving and maintaining great energy levels isn’t possible.

Or perhaps your own experience has supported your beliefs that it isn’t possible because you have tried and not had great results. Or perhaps you tried and got some results, but it was impossible to sustain them

Or perhaps you trust someone’s opinion who told you, its not possible and you’ll just have to learn to live with this level of fatigue,

So you can see there are many factors that can stop you from shifting your mindset! Because we tend to collect evidence that supports and confirms our beliefs.

3. Power of Beliefs

The power of belief is incredibly, incredibly strong!

In the 1870s athletes started to try and run a mile in less than four minutes. They would try and create the perfect running track, the perfect running surface, wait until the wind was in the right direction and the sun was in the right spot and all the elements were aligned and then they would hold special record-breaking events. Professional and amateurs came close, but no one could actually ever achieve that holy grail of running one mile in less than four minutes.

Until, one day at a little athletic meet in 1954 in a rainy Oxfordshire, Roger Bannister ran the first four-minute mile and within a few weeks several other people achieved it too! Nothing else changed. Only now the evidence was there that it was possible, And it changed everything!!

These were professional athletes at the top of their game, who had trained their whole lives but until they saw it was possible they didn’t believe it could be achieved because the evidence wasn’t there but as soon as they saw the evidence that it was possible that was when the mindset shift happened.

What you believe is possible literally changes how your body shows up. The level at which it can function. And the same is true in powerful energy recovery work. You need to shift that mindset and tap into the power of your mind…

4. Power questions are your new super skill

So, in my work as a transformational health coach we use something called power questions. Power questions are questions that are designed to help open up your brain so that it can come up with answers that you can then work with.

So, a power question to help you shift your mindset to believe that it is possible to have great energy levels could be:

“What do I need to believe to fully recover my energy levels? “

– I need to believe that I deserve to feel better
– I believe I can work successfully on my energy levels if I know exactly what to do.
– I believe that with the right support this could be easy and enjoyable to sort out
– I believe that now is the perfect time for me to fix this once and for all.

Because the truth is the right support really is out there. There are proven systems that help people recover their energy and their health, People are recovering from fatigue every single day!
You don’t have to do it by yourself. You don’t have to even know how to do it. You just need the right support and the right input at the right time.

So what’s the next step?

So now you know the power of shifting your mindset and just how exciting and crucial it is, to have your beliefs aligned with the health you really and truly want, its time to take the next step.

Fatigue recover work is the journey of a lifetime and it’s can be an amazing journey! But in my personal and professional experience, this is a journey of transformation. Not just gathering information!!

So to help you on your way, I have created a brand new masterclass:
The 5 proven steps to eliminate fatigue and have incredible energy all day longyou can watch the masterclass here

Wishing you health, happiness and joy
Margriet xx


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