Why SLOW HEALTH is the next biggest thing.

It’s a new year AND a new decade. Which means that for most of us, this is the time for making big resolutions and big plans…but before you do, let me introduce you to the latest health trend: the SLOW HEALTH movement.

We are living at a time where we are super conscious about the need to take care of our planet and the environment. We recognise more than ever before that we can’t simply continue to plunder precious resources without any thought for the long term future. That we actively need to build in sustainability practices right from the get go.

But did you know that the same need for care and attention we give to the nurture and sustainability of our planet and the environment, also applies to you?

In the health and wellbeing world, we have known for ages that we can’t simply abuse our bodies, feed it rubbish, work it to the max and expect it all to be fine. We know we are in an epidemic of obesity-related illnesses and that chronic diseases like diabetes, alzheimers are on the increase.

It’s time to recognise we ourselves are not an infinite resource. If we want incredible health and enjoy a fulfilled and happy life, we need to take the best care we can. We need to nurture our internal environment, and build truly sustainable practices. So your health and happiness can flourish. It’s time to get super conscious about your health and wellbeing!!

Welcome to the SLOW HEALTH movement!

What do we mean by slow health?

Slow food, slow travel, slow living… these have been around for over a decade now and we know what they mean…..so what do we mean by slow health?

Lets just connect with the whole idea of ‘slow’ anything….. when I sat down to think about this, here is what comes up for me:

  • Slowing down and taking your time.
  • Savouring the experience instead of rushing through..
  • To connect at a deeper level: learning and understanding more.
  • Authenticity and keeping it super-real.
  • Sustainable practices.
  • Having a relationship with something
  • What you put back in as well as what you get out of it
  • No heroics – just everyday reality  vs flash in the pan, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
  • Being part of the story
  • And nowhere is this more true than in creating our own health and happiness.

We don’t want the bells and whistles, the high and the lows anymore. We want the heart of it, the reality, the deeper experience. We want to be involved. We want to learn, to understand, to be empowered, to take part and to be a powerful creator of our own health and happiness.

“It’s less about what we get to have and more about how we get to be”

  1. So instead of crash diets that deplete your energy, we want truly healthy eating practices that nurture your vitality.
  2. Instead of shakes and powders, we want nutrient dense real food.
  3. Instead of intensive short term quick-fix programmes, we want something that will travel the road of life with us.
  4. Instead of focusing on the results, the numbers, the measurements, it will be more about the experience and who you get to be.
  5. Instead of only focusing on the end result, we want to enjoy the process and the journey.
  6. Instead of dutifully following a set of instructions, we want to learn and understand why.
  7. We don’t just want to do something different, we want a transformative experience that has you become more of who you really are.
  8. Instead of slavishly following a programme, we want new mindsets to help us to find our own motivation and our ‘why’.
  9. Instead of just following a set of instructions, we want to understand, to learn.
  10. Instead of a quick fix, we want an experience
  11. Instead of struggling and going it alone without healthy habits, we want support, community and a shared experience.

We are done with quick fixes, rapid fire solutions, false hopes, elusive goals, complex stuff, big dramatic actions, superficial experiences, soundbites, snapshots.

It’s time for beautiful slow health!

If you are reading this and thinking, I’ve never even heard of this, then don’t worry. Because slow-health is not quite mainstream … yet! But it’s most definitely coming.

What is the slow health ethos??

Slow health practices are definitely about getting results. So if you are looking to lose weight, get fit, ditch the fatigue, find more joy in your life and handle stress better, or just really feel a whole lot happier in your day to day life …whatever your personal health goals are for 2020, the slow-health approach will get you there.

But HOW you achieve the goals is quite different!

In slow-health emphasis is much more on:

  • A truly holistic approach – because we are not machines, but complex systems of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. All combined and interacting with each other, and we cant just focus on one aspect to the exclusion of the other parts.
  • A deeply personal approach to our health – its no longer about one size fits all, but about the experiences, the underlying cause, the recognition that we are all different.
  • Being driven by the quality of the journey and the experiences you will have along the way. It’s not just the results we are interested in. results do matter but they are only part of the story and not the whole picture.
  • Learning about yourself and personal growth. Finding out who you really are, what motivates you, the values you hold. It’s about becoming a fuller version of you!
  • Building sustainable practices that serve the pants off your health and wellbeing. Really achievable actions you can take everyday. It’s all about keeping it real, do-able, simple and in line with what really matters to you.
  • Taking actions that you believe in. That are in line with who you want to be.
  • Cultivating self-awareness, self-listening and self-noticing. It is a form of mindfulness!
  • Taking control – building your own self care toolkit, knowing what really serves you and what you will park off to one side, what gets space in your life and what doesn’t.
  • Deeply empowering – making powerful choices, that are in line with your true nature and who you really are. In terms of healthcare, this also means a participative approach. The old model of ‘ being told what to do’ goes out the window and the conversation is much more around being empowered to take meaningful action.
  • Developing abundance practices  and being motivated by the future you truly want to create for yourself.
  • Togetherness. Finding your tribe and becoming part of a community. Sharing the journey with like-minded people, who all want the same things as you do. Being around that kind of energy is incredible! Read more here: https://drmargriet.com/why-finding-your-tribe-is-good-for-your-health/

So now you can see, slow health is deeply personal, participative and empowering. It’s all about YOU!

This is big picture thinking. Instead of trying to hack our way to health and wellbeing, we focus on the stuff that really works: incredible self-care at all levels. Everything from the basics of moving, eating real food, beautiful sleep, breathe, proper rest, to the more advanced self-care practices of how we show up around stress, the quality of our relationships, to our big “WHY?” in life!!

To read more about self-care as your new super power go to: https://drmargriet.com/why-self-care-is-your-new-superpower/

We are ready for this kind of health like we have never been before.

We are ready to build our health slowly, steadily and authentically.

We are ready for sustainable practices that will nurture us over our lifetime.

And we are ready to enjoy incredible health and happiness from the inside out.

Is slow health for me??

If you are tired of the quick fixes that, lets face it, don’t really last.

If you are fed up with healthy living practices that are just too hard or time consuming.

If you are done with slogging it out alone

If you feel lost, stuck or just can’t get motivated

If you feel overwhelmed

If you feel alone and isolated in how you are looking after your health and well-being


If you want a deeper experience, based on what your body really needs,

If you want to enjoy the journey along the way,  as well as the destination

If you want to make changes changes from a place of abundance and joy rather than gritting your teeth and powering through

If you want to create your health and wellbeing much more intentionally and consciously

Then slow health is for you!!

January is a great time for starting anew, for a fresh approach, for taking stock and making plans. If you are interested in approaching your health and happiness from a really sustainable and empowering place, then keep your  eyes on this blog, because we will be talking more about slow health over the coming weeks and I have an incredible new opportunity coming up, that you are going to love!

Wishing you an incredible start to the New Year and a healthy and happy 2020!


Margriet xx

PS If you love this blog and would like to enjoy more of this, please come and join our free FB community Dr Margriet’s Clinic via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/183767482524862/. See you over there!! Mxx


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