Why SELF-CARE is your new superpower

Self-care is the hot new trend. I predict self-care will be centre-stage in any discussion on health, well-being and happiness. Especially happiness!! And rightly so, because this humble, low tech practice and way of life is powerful stuff.


Yes, self-care is making a comeback. Big time! In fact it is about to be elevated from the being ‘the occasional special treat’ eg a long hot soak in the tub, to becoming the medicine of the future!! No I’m not kidding !! And I want you to be the first to really get this, so that you can be in on it right from the start. 


So in this blog I want to share with you what self care REALLY is, what it means for your health and happiness and how you can start to work with this ‘ medicine of the future’ TODAY!




First of all, lets get clear about what we are talking about. 


Self-care or simply taking better care of yourself. Its sounds so simple doesn’t it? But dive a little deeper and self care is all about how we nurture our health and happiness at every level.


I like to think of it as the 3 levels of self care. In a nutshell they are Foundation, Advanced and Super-advanced. And for incredible health and well-being, we need all 3 levels in play.


1 Foundation self-care

This is essentially the physical level of self-care. It is about the food you eat, how you look after your sleep, moving and exercising every day, breathing properly, superhydration. This will nurture and nourish the physical container of your body and keep it in gorgeous working order! Its building those strong foundations that will support your amazing life.


2 Advanced self-care

The next level is the advanced level. Here I’m talking about how you handle stress, your relationships and connections and actively attending to your mindset. So these are more emotional and mental areas of self care work. They are less obvious, but just as important. Because this impacts how you get to feel, and we all know how powerfully our feelings drive our actions.


3 Super advanced self-care

This one might surprise you. This is all about connecting to your desires and actively building a vision for your health and your life. It is about understanding what lights you up. It is about intentionally connecting to your life purpose and living a life that is in line with who you truly are. These are all spiritual qualities and we can all cultivate them. I’m talking about self love, self worth, self respect, self-confidence, self-expression and so on. This is the ultimate layer of self-care and it is what contributes hugely to our sense of wellbeing , happiness and feeling like we are being more of who we really are. 


So self-care in its fullest sense is a holistic approach to life and living! 


What is so great about self care?


Well, how long have you got?! So here is a short-ish version!

It’s incredibly do-able. 

No matter your circumstances, time, money, skill level, access to technology or not…. Everyone can practice beautiful self-care at one level or another. 

It’s simple.

We don’t need gadgets, special facilities, acres of time or even special skills. There are boatloads of simple and yet incredibly powerful practices we can do every single day, that a 4 year old could do.

Its deeply nurturing.

Modern day life is busy, intense and often harsh. We are in desperate need of being nurtured, cared for, heard and seen. So who better to do that job than you? Who knows better than anyone else what you really and truly need? Except that so often we silence that inner voice and we focus on what we feel we ‘should do’ or how we ‘should’ be or what life’ should ‘ look like. 

Improves your ability to handle stress.

Building resilience to stress starts with self-care. you can read more about that here: https://drmargriet.com/resilience-the-art-of-thriving/

Increases your energy levels

I know its stating the obvious, but taking better care over how you eat, making time to sleep, to move, to rest…. Hydrating properly…most of us know this stuff, but we just don’t do it….. Or we do it sometimes but not consistently. Self-care is all about taking action, small steps taken consistently and building your self care toolkit one step at a time. 

Improves your health.

Modern medicine is full of high tech stuff based on the latest in scientific research.We have primary secondary and even tertiary centres of healthcare excellence. Compared to that, self care is low tech, more intuitive and much more personal. But more and more we are recognising that building sustainable health and happiness start at home. Its starts with incredible self care. It’s about taking an active part in your own health creation, that prevention is better than cure, and that we want to be an active player in our lives, not a passive recipient of what someone else might give us. 

Improves your relationships.

As you learn to listen to your own needs you connect to what truly matters to you. You put your focus on the stuff that helps you be more of who you really are. And so your relationship with yourself changes. It becomes more grounded, truthful and boundaries. You show up as a bigger better and truer version of who you really are. And guess what? That has a huge impact on your relationships. For the better! Because there is nothing more attractive than someone who deeply loves and cares for themselves and who truly knows their own worth.

It’s a transformational process.

Building a self care practice is  a transformational process, without a doubt.  It’s about learning how to actively build abundance in your life. Understanding on how you create more energy and vitality. You shut your relationship to yourself , how you show up for yourself-care at all 3 levels: foundation, advanced and super-advanced.


What all of this means

Most of us want to boost our energy levels. We want to support our own health and happiness, so that we can live a full life.So that we can play an active role in our families and communities.  So that we can make a difference and make our contribution to the world. So that we can be more of who we really and truly are. And for all of that you need energy, vitality and joy. Stacks and stacks of it!!

Self-care is all about getting stuck in, taking action and being responsible for your nurturing your own health and wellbeing. All whilst having an absolutely brilliant time!!

The medicine of the future is all about this: being proactive, taking part, being an active player in creating your very best health, sowing the seeds of abundance, and deciding what you really want for your health and your life.

In functional medicine there has been much talk of ‘4P’ medicine: 

  1. Personalised
  2. Preventative
  3. Participative and
  4. Predictive . 

What this means is that we are an important and powerful part in our own health creation. We want to future proof our mental and emotional health, as well as our physical health, and that we want to help ourselves as much as possible, to live a healthy, happy and active life. 

And there is no better place to start that by committing to your own self-care. 


How I can start my own self-care routine?

Let’s try somehting out here. Please go back and read through the 3 levels of self-care. Choose one of the levels of self care that speaks to you the most, or that you feel the most excited about and then ask yourself this power question:

“If I aced my self-care at this level,

what would that mean for my health and my happiness?”

Give yourself 5 minutes to write down any thoughts that come up and any aha moments. Or maybe you have a new idea for something you would like to try out. Or maybe you decide that now is the time to take the plunge on something you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Whatever comes up for you, just jot it down, and sit with it for a few days. I call it ‘composting’!! Lettings filter through. It’s amazing what your mind will come up with if you give it an idea to play with. 

We can practice self care at so many different levels. Choose what you need, what would give you most pleasure. And start there!

And if you need any help getting motivated, you can read more about that right here: https://drmargriet.com/5-easy-ways-to-build-your-motivation-toolkit/


We will be talking a lot more about self-care over the coming months. It’s the key to creating incredible health, energy and vibrancy and living a happy healthy life that you love.

Self-care is the future!


Love  Margriet xx

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