The roadmap to uplevel your self-care


Welcome to part 2 of this blog series: the roadmap to uplevel your self-care.

Self-care is the new buzz word in the health and wellbeing world. We are finally starting to recognize just how powerful self-care really is, if we want to support our energy, vitality and wellbeing.

The truth is that this stuff doesn’t come naturally to most of us. In part 1 of the blog, (click on this link to read part 1) we talked about why self-care is so much more than the occasional luxurious bath with bubbles. It’s a much bigger player and we talked about basic, advanced and super advanced levels of self-care, as well as the stuff that can so easily get in the way of awesome selfcare.




We are ace at putting ourselves last, making everyone and everything else our priority, and finding that yet another day has come to the end, and we just didn’t get around to what we needed, for ourselves.

Self-care has a huge impact on your health, energy and vitality.  the truth is that it takes awesome self care to create beautiful health. If we neglect ourselves, if we push ourselves 110%, if we give it all away and keep none for ourselves, it makes sense that at some point, your health will start to be affected.




Before we talk about the roadmap to self-care success, I want you to answer this power question:

“What would change in my life if I took the very best care of myself, at basic , advanced and super-advanced levels?”

Perhaps write it down somewhere, before we get down to the details of exactly what and how you are going to make this a reality in your life. If you dont know what I’m talking about, then check out part 1 of this blog!

So lets get super practical and create a roadmap for you!





Getting really clear on exactly what you want to change, work on, develop, transform in your health. The power question you have just answered will help you get clear, because there is a big difference between ‘this seems like a good idea’ vs ‘ this is what’s going to give me what I really want in my life’.

Personally I think clarity is the most important step: it is what will determine what you want to achieve and why. Then you can go to step 2.


Lots of us skip this one. We go straight from ‘I need to lose some weight’ to crash dieting, or signing up for a weight loss programme, and hope for the best. We hope that someone else has it all figured out and we are just along for the ride.

Planning start with the big stuff, the big goals, the deepest heart desires of what you really and truly want FOR YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Once you are clear on the big goals and WHY you want them, you break the goal down into smaller pieces. And then you might even want to break those down into even smaller steps, so that each step is really do-able, practical and will mark a ‘milestone’ in your path to success. Planning the big goal, then the steps and then the mini-goals  is vital. Get really specific, practical and clear. And Ill bet, that just planning it out like this, is already giving you a fire in your belly. That feeling of ‘ I can do this!’

The other part of planning is all about HOW are you going to do this?

  • What kind of help do you need, what kind of support?
  • Do you need to learn something new, or a new way of eg planning meals.
  • Or maybe you need a cheerleader, someone who has your best interest truly at heart and wants you to succeed, possible even more than you do!!! How amazing would that be!

Next, take a really good look at what could get in your way. We talked about this a lot in part 1 of this blog (link)) but it’s important to be honest with yourself, so you set yourself up for success.

Planning in this way and getting crystal clear will bring you so much closer to success, AND allow you to ENJOY the JOURNEY along the way. No more gritty determination. No more relying on will-power talone. No more dry bland uninsired self-care.


Because you deserve to succeed!! AND to enjoy the journey along the way!!

Now go and WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Get it down on paper. Capture the good stuff!



Go all in! Go for it!

Grab your written plan/ list/ inspirations, and get into action.

These are some of the steps you could take to really commit to your transformation:

Mark all the steps onto your calendar: when you will do each step. What time slots do you need to allocate to the key activities? Think of these like a ‘health appointment’ with yourself. If you made an appointment to see the doctor, you wouldn’t cancel it, would you? So why is this any different?

Get your cheerleader/ support/ tribe in place. Don’t leave this one to chance – make it happen! Because we all have off days, days where we lose our zap and ping! And this is when you need someone who is truly on your side, who will remind you that you can ABSOLUTELY DO THIS! Someone who knows the big picture.Someone who wants this for you even more than you want it for yourself!!!

Sign up for that course/ club/ personal development programme. You invest in everyone else, why not you?

Do some work on that people-pleasing mindset, or other mindsets that you know hold you back.

Whatever it takes, COMMIT to be the very best of you! After all, that is what selfcare is really all about!



This is a  big one! There is nothing like physically ticking off each milestone, each activity, each training session, each mini-gaol that you achieve.The journey of a thousand miles really does start with the first step, and the next and the next.

Tracking is a truly powerful practice. We often think of it negatively eg if we are trying to lose 2 stone, the only numbers we focus on is ‘ not at my ideal weight yet’. Instead of acknowledging powerfully as you work towards your goal with steady success.

Power question  for you:

Who do you think is more likely to stay the course of health transformation: someone who tracks their progress (no matter how small the steps) or someone who is purely focused on the end goal?



In my experience we don’t do this nearly enough! We all know how to celebrate, but we so easily brush off our own successes, or dismiss them or minimise them, that it’s hard to truly FEEL that’s sense of achievement.

This is another reason why planning mini-goals is part of the self-care roadmap to success. Because we want to acknowledge our efforts along the way, how we are showing up for our health, as well as the results that come.

So I hope that you will take this roadmap and use it to plan your next self-care project, whatever it may be.



I’d love to hear about your self-care journey, so please feel free to leave comments below!



Margriet xx