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What Is The Best Way To Detox? A Guide To Choose The Optimal Approach For You

best way to detox

There are times when we want to have a good detox: a bit of a clean out and a reset, so that we have more energy, and feel fitter and healthier. Maybe you are looking to lose some weight, or just want to feel fresher. 


Nothing wrong with any of that, but how do you detox safely? How do you choose the approach that is best for you? That is genuinely good for you and your health? And what exactly should you do? What is best? 


The Ultra Quick Guide


Here is my ultra quick guide to choosing the best approach to detox of any kind. It is very simple: you need to decide which of these 2 camps you fall into. Once you are clear on that, you will have a much clearer idea of which approach is genuinely in your best interests.


If you are fit and well, lead a healthy and active lifestyle and you are a healthy weight, turning to some of the well known ‘intensive approaches’ might suit you. This could be a detox diet, a juice cleanse, a fasting practice of some sort, or ‘detox in a box’ style supplements. These are usually ‘quick fix’ types of detox which can give you the results you are looking for quickly.


But what if you don’t feel that great to start with, are overweight, exhausted and have health issues? What if you are highly stressed? Don’t sleep properly? What if you struggle with depression, fatigue or have a chronic illness like type 2  diabetes? Is it still safe to do a rapid fire style detox then? 


The answer is that if your body is already ‘ in the wars’ , then putting it through an intensive and harsh detox programme could leave you feeling a lot worse and potentially could set your health back by quite a long way. 


So what can you do instead? Are there ways to detox safely?  Allow me to introduce you to the idea of sustainable detox. 


Sustainable detox


Sustainable detox is really a way of life, where you treat your body and your health with the utmost respect and compassion. It’s a lifestyle where you nurture your body, with good food and optimal hydration. Where you take time to sleep properly instead of burning the candle at both ends, where you move instead of being sedentary and where you nurture yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


In other words it’s so much more than a cup of detox tea, a juice fast or a yoga retreat for a week, only to return to your toxic overloaded stressed out lifestyle. 


This is not the ‘ traditional’ detox approach, but the truth is that it is a lot more effective in the long run and will give you those lasting results for life, instead of just a few days or weeks. 


Why sustainable detox?


Doing a rapid-fire detox project can be a great thing, at the right time, in the right place and done in the right way. As long as you are fit and well, are not overweight and you already have a reasonably healthy lifestyle.


If you are not in that situation, then I would recommend a slower, much more sustainable, ‘slow burn ‘ approach to detox, which your body can genuinely cope with. This is a ‘slow health’ approach, which is deceptively  simple and yet I have seen it create remarkable changes in people who have struggled with their health and their weight for years.  You can read more about that here


And the best part is that it brings lasting, deep rooted changes that are yours to keep. Ready for some of that?


Choosing a lifestyle that is based on detox principles

Hopefully you are now excited about trying a new approach to detox: the sustainable way!

One that is about adopting a detox lifestyle, rather than a ‘ detox in a box’ approach. So what does this detox lifestyle look like?


My 10 foundational principles of sustainable detox

  1. Clear out your home – say goodbye to air fresheners, harsh cleaning chemicals. No more and dusty, disorganised, living spaces.  No more plastics,  Instead we want open, clean , clear spaces. Rooms set up so that they are supportive spaces. Spaces where you can live, relax, sleep, cook and socialise.
  2. Avoid toxic foods and drinks eg high sugar foods, processed foods, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Instead we want to eat whole nutrient dense foods. And it doesn have to be anything complicated! Often simple is best.
  3. Sort your sleep. Making time to sleep, relaxing before bedtime, and addressing any issues that interfere with deep nurturing restorative sleep. IF you are not waking up refreshed , then something needs your attention.
  4. Superhydration. So many of us walk around on the slightly dehydrated side and it plays havoc with your detox systems. Simply restoring the balance and ensuring you are optimally hydrated, can make a huge difference to your energy levels, weight loss and a whole host of other benefits. Click here to download my Superhydration guide. 
  5. Eat clean whole foods esp plenty of veg, which will support your gut health and detox systems in equal measure.
  6. Breathe. Your lungs are an organ of detoxification and supporting them through developing a proper breathing practice is essential for optimum health.
  7. Move. Research has shown that being sedentary is the new smoking. The reasons for this are many,  but one key aspect is that if we don’t move, the lymphatic system (another key detox system) simply doesn’t work properly. IN other words we don’t dispose of our ‘ inner garbage’ and guess what that does for your energy levels and your health?  
  8. Rest and restore. Proper rest, the kind that truly restores you is essential for proper detox system functioning. 
  9. Joy and happiness. Joy is what heals our heart but it is also what supports our innate ‘ heal and repair’ systems, or the parasympathetic nervous system. So if you can’t access true joy, it means your body is not healing and repairing itself optimally. It’s like driving a car that never gets porper service- it might be ok for a while, but it’s not a long term option. SO learning how to cultivate your joy is an essential part of detox work.
  10. Connect – meaningful relationships. Nurtured relationships, both with YOURSELF and others!


Time to put it all into action.


Now that you have a whole new way of thinking about nurturing your health and ensuring your detox systems are supported in a truly sustainable way, its time to take action.


I recommend that you start with one or two key areas to focus on. Choose the ones that speak to you most and then slowly add the next layers as you progress and start to feel better. 


This may take some time, but the impact it will have on your health, energy levels and sense of joy and happiness are second to none, and will bring you results that last.



Margriet x



💜If you are truly ready to dive in and  get your health and your energy levels onto a whole new level in 2021 AND

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💜If you are tired of going it alone and having no one to support or guide you,


THEN you need to  book a free call with me. 

Let’s get this sorted out once and for all. Let’s make this year amazing.


If you are truly ready to have far more energy in 2021..........then let's talk!


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