No one is immune to carb cravings! We all get caught in those moments of temptation where we want to eat the whole packet of biscuits, the whole box of chocolates, the whole big bag of crisps preferably with dips! Or you might have a glass of wine and before we know it the bottle is almost empty. 

You know you shouldn’t do it, you know it is bad for you, and yet that little voice in your head is telling you you really really want it. And that’s a tough situation to handle.

So what do you do when you are in the moment of temptation?

When those carb cravings are about to take over and run the show? How can you help yourself?

Here is my strategy for that ‘in the moment’ rescue operation: TEMPTATION RESCUE REMEDY. You can deploy this rescue remedy strategy right in your moment of need, any time, anywhere.

Step 1: Drink 2  BIG glasses of water

Step 2: Wait for 20 minutes and during this time distract yourself like this

  • Go and brush your teeth
  • Grab a shower
  • Call a friend and have a catch up chat
  • Get on with some work
  • Go for a walk around the block

After 20 minutes ask yourself if you still really want it? If the answer is yes, then give yourself full permission to eat the thing that you crave. Carb cravings. Cheese cravings. Crisp cravings. Really???!!!! Yes, really!

But you need to eat it like this:

Put a portion of your temptation food into a bowl and take it away from the kitchen/ the cupboard. Then go and sit down to eat.

Really focus on the thing that you are eating. Give it your full attention. This means no TV, no playing on your phone, no talking to someone.

GIVE IT YOUR FULL ATTENTION. Really concentrate on it, really savour the taste, the texture. Eat it and enjoy it. So that you are eating mindfully and enjoying the experience to the full, knowing you have full permission to eat.

Once you have finished the bowl full, wait for 20 minutes. If after 20 minutes you still want more, repeat the whole cycle from the start.

So there you have it: your very own TEMPTATION RESCUE REMEDY

But how can you protect yourself from getting into that situation in the first place?

The prevention game

Setting the scene for success to tackle those carb cravings is really is a 2 pronged approach: prevention and taking powerful action in the moment.

So how can you protect yourself from having those cravings take over?

Here are some great guidelines:

  • Never go food shopping when you are hungry. Only ever shop on a full stomach!!
  • Don’t keep your cupboards stuffed full of things you then have to use emotional energy to avoid and resist. Because you don’t need to make it harder for yourself than it already is! And your family really can survive without survival packs of crisps, biscuits and all that kind of stuff in the house.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is a sure way to crave sugar, carbs and salt.
  • Get a good night’s’ sleep. Preferably 9 hours, for at least 3 days in a row. What’s that got to do with food cravings? Well a lot. The biggest driver for carb, sugar and salt cravings is tiredness. When you feel fresh from plenty of good quality sleep, you will find it so much easier to avoid the situations where the carvings get the better of you.
  • Stress is a powerful driver for carb cravings, so have a look through the different areas of your life. Where is the stressy stuff hiding? Can you do something about it? Even a little bit of taking action can often take the sting out of the tail of stress. Chronic stress really powers down the adrenal glands and can cause both sugar and salt cravings.

So coping with those moments of temptation really is a 2 pronged approach: prevention and taking powerful action in the moment. And remember, it is ok not to be perfect all the time. What matters is moving in the right direction for as much of the time as possible.

You can click on this link to download your very own copy of the ‘TEMPTATION RESCUE REMEDY’ Action plan. This is the temptation survival action plan described in this article in a handy A4 format. So you can have a copy where you need it most. The fridge door. The pantry door. On your phone! Anywhere where temptation will catch you, and you need your rescue remedy, FAST! Just so you know, this will also add you to our mailing list, where you can keep up to date with the latest news on courses, workshops, special offers and so on. But if that’s not your thing,you can unsubscribe any time you like!

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