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…without wasting time and money on diets, supplements, and fitness programs that just don’t work.

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REVITALISE (a FREE Live 3 day event) walks you through what you need to know and understand to have you shift from exhausted to energised so you can feel clear, confident and like the real you again!

Because life’s too short, right?

Revitalise wasn’t just another event—it was a lifeline. Day by day, I unraveled the mysteries behind my chronic fatigue. Understanding adrenal fatigue and the nine pillars of energy creation gave me a roadmap to follow. But the real magic happened when I completed my energy-boosting project. It took next to no time and in just 3 days I already feel more hopeful, positive and uplifted that I have done in years.

Emma, 53

Before attending Revitalise, I felt like I was drowning in exhaustion, with no lifeline in sight. But those three days were a game-changer. Finally, someone understood that my fatigue wasn’t imaginary or my fault. When Dr M talked about the root causes of my low energy levels, it was light a light turned on. Now, armed with knowledge and actionable steps, I’m ready to reclaim my vitality and start feeling like myself again.

Sarah, 49

This is what you need to know…


I know you think that if you just gave that diet another go, lost a few pounds, or gave that workout another go, everything would be different. But this is about creating energy the smart way, not the hard way.


Your energy should be sky high, even if you’ve got a lot on your plate, even if you’re perimenopausal, even if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s 50’ or 60’s.

TRUTH:  If your energy isn’t letting you live your life FULLY, it needs sorting out.


All the different fads, trends , supplements and latest wearable trackers make no difference. It seems like the harder you try, the worse it gets. Having more energy isn’t hard or a mystery and you don’t need a medical degree to get good at it. Though I do have one…. In fact I have several… so that’s taken care of for you!!

So I’ve created this FREE 3 DAY LIVE TRAINING to cut out all the confusion and the stuff that doesn’t work, that stops so many amazing women from learning exactly how to create incredible energy and vitality.

Trust me (I am a doctor after all!!), even the most incredibly amazing high functioning women do NOT KNOW how to NURTURE their ENERGY LEVELS.

We are simply never taught this. Worse still, we are encouraged to think that being tired all the time is normal and that it’s ok.

At the end of these 3 days you will…

  • NKnow that you are NOT MAKING THIS UP and that this exhausted feeling is NOT YOUR FAULT!
  • NUnderstand the real cause of your fatigue and low energy levels: the ROOT CAUSE medicine approach to your best health!
  • NLearn there is LOADS you can do to help yourself: simple, effective and powerful steps. These are part of the framework: The nine essential pillars of energy creation
  • NUnderstand the essentials of adrenal fatigue
  • NHave completed a small but mighty energy boosting project that takes less time to do than it takes to boil the kettle!
  • NFeel confident and back in charge of your health, energy and vibrancy.
Dr Margriet

Dr Margriet

The UK’s only fatigue recovery coach for women, a creator of online transformational health programmes and a qualified medical doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience.

We’ll be talking about…



Knowledge is power, knowledge + action is a super power. You are about to do both in the next 3 days.



The days of simply treating symptoms and patching things up are over. it’s time for root cause medicine.



Taking intelligent and inspiring action is everything. We pick up the pace a little and set you up for skyrocketing those energy levels.


When you sign up you’ll be given a guide to go along with the event – this is your Roadmap.

Plus loads of support in the dedicated Facebook group for those moments when you’d normally give up…and a bunch of amazing women to share the journey with, bounce ideas off, share your experiences, aha’s with. 

By the end of this event you will know exactly what you want this energy for, and how you can start creating this for yourself.

You will finally be holding the key to living your most amazing life, knowing exactly who you are and what you are here to accomplish.


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Join the Event and Revitalise

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Knowledge truly is power, and Revitalise equipped me with both. In just three days, I went from feeling helpless to harnessing a new superpower: understanding my body. The insights into adrenal fatigue and the nine essential pillars of energy creation were eye-opening. But it was the practical, actionable steps that truly transformed my life. I’m ready to revitalize!

Natalie, 51

For years, I struggled with fatigue, bouncing from one ineffective solution to another. But at Revitalise, I discovered the power of root cause medicine. No more band-aid fixes or symptom management—Day 2’s focus on the cortisol conundrum changed everything. Armed with this knowledge, I’m finally addressing the underlying issues and stepping into a life of energy and vibrancy. Thanks Dr M!

Joanne, 48


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Join the Event and Revitalise

Enter your email address and click the button to take the LIVE 3 DAY CHALLENGE