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Escaping Fatigue: My Secret Weapon!

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It is true that trying to find your way out of fatigue can be like navigating a minefield.  There is so much information and advice out there. Where do you even start? You can waste a lot of time, money, effort and energy on things that just don’t get you the kinds of results you really want.

The traditional approach to fatigue recovery work

The traditional approach is an interesting method. It  involves advice like “rest as much as possible”,  “pace yourself” and “lower your expectations so that you avoid overdoing it”. The trouble with that is that you end up doing less and less and feeling like your life is shrinking right before your very eyes. Not exactly a recipe for happiness.

Advice like “Try to get a good night’s sleep” and  “Sleep as much as possible ” (especially at weekends) is all very well, but what if you just can’t sleep? Or you sleep but wake up feeling exhausted every day, no matter how much you sleep. Then what?

So we start taking matters into our own hands. We try out all  the latest supplements, be that  magnesium, Vit C,  iron supplements, CBD oil, 50+ woman vitamins or any of a whole raft of supplements that promise to ‘support energy levels’. We ask the staff in the local health store for advice and come out with a whole bag of stuff that rarely brings the results you are looking for.

We dutifully take the medications we have been prescribed by our doctor. Nothing wrong, because they are designed to fix the symptoms. There are the SSRIs for depression and anxiety, sleep medications to help you cope with those challenging sleep patterns, HRT to manage those wobbly menopause symptoms and a host of other stuff. But the trouble is that they don’t address the underlying cause. It’s the ‘pill for an ill’ culture. 

And then there’s all the stuff that we use just to simply cope with our fatigue on a day to day basis. Propping ourselves up on caffeine, energy drinks, or cans of diet coke. Having regular snacks during the day to ‘ keep your energy levels up and support your blood sugar levels’. Maybe you are reaching for the wine every night to cope with that tired but wired feeling. 

This is the arsenal of options most of us explore when we feel tired all the time, when we are stuck in fatigue and exhaustion and possibly even on the verge of burnout. It’s “The Old Way” of managing your fatigue. 

The truth is that lots of these approaches are really just covering things up. It is a ‘hope and pray’ approach: hoping that, if you can hang in there for long enough,  your energy levels will magically get better. And some of the old ways might work for a while, but it doesn’t really give you lasting results.

The New Way

So wouldn’t it be better to start looking at  the underlying causes for your fatigue? Wouldn’t it make more sense to understand what it is that your body really needs to recover? Get to grips with what is actually standing in the way of your return to full energy? And even better, wouldn’t it make sense to work with and actively support our energy production mechanisms?

This is what I’m really interested in; The New Way of fatigue recovery work. This is the functional medicine approach and this is how I work in my clinical practice and in my online programmes. This new way is based on savvy and practical steps and it’s why my clients get the incredible results that they do. 

The ‘new way’ is based on ‘complex systems biology’ medicine. In other words, it is a deeply scientific way of working whilst also being very holistic in its approach. It looks at how the body works at a really deep physiological, cellular and  molecular level. For example, it looks at how your mitochondria work.

My Secret Weapon

So let me introduce you to one of the secret weapons that I use in my energy recovery fatigue programs. 

Your body produces energy every second of every day. Even when you are feeling tired. The energy production takes place deep inside the cell,  in tiny structures called mitochondria. 

Mitochondria are incredible. They produce energy very, very fast. Every second of every day, all day long, they literally never stop. And when you think about the fact that you have 50 trillion cells in your body and each cell might hold anywhere between say 800 or even several thousand mitochondria.That means you have a lot of mitochondria and collectively, they have the potential to create a huge amount of energy.

So I think if it’s simply like this, if you can improve your mitochondrial function by 5, 10 or even 20% then that’s actually a huge shift in the amount of energy that you have. This is what led to me creating the Mito Method. 

The idea behind the Mito Method is very simple. 

👉Give your mitochondria exactly what they need. 

👉Remove anything that it gets in the way of your mitochondria functioning optimally. 

👉Give the mitochondria have a really clean environment in which to work.

Give the mitochondria exactly what they need
So what we are talking about here is really incredible nutrition. 

Your mitochondria, as you now know, are incredibly busy every second of every minute of every day. They are nutrient hungry. Therefore making sure that they have plenty of nutrients, but also the right kind of nutrients is absolutely essential. 

And this is where what you eat becomes vital. 

If you think about it like this, if you want a Formula One race car to perform optimally, you don’t give it lawn mower fuel do you? You don’t feed it substandard re-graded fuel. No, you give it the very best, the optimum, the top of the range fuel. 

The right fuel in means the right performance out!

The same goes for your body. You need to nurture it with high quality nutrients. 

⇒ We want to start using food as medicine 

⇒ We want to make sure that your gut health is in great shape, so that you can actually absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.

Remove everything that the mitochondria don’t need or anything that will slow them down.
This basically means optimizing your detoxification systems. Now for lots of people, when I say detox, they automatically think of things like juice fasts (or other sorts of fasting) and the liver.

The truth is that your liver is not the only organ of detoxification. There is also your digestive system, your lymph system, and your skin, lungs and kidneys. 

The other big piece here is balancing your hormones. Most of us are familiar with underactive thyroid hormone issues causing fatigue, but there are lots of other hormones which work together to set the ‘thermostat’ on our energy levels. And these need balancing too!

Clean environment in which to work 

We all know that it is much easier to work efficiently in a clean house. Same for your mitochondria. They are floating about in a toxic soup, filled with toxins, inflammatory molecules, free radicals, and all sorts of other stuff that can get in the way and slow them down. That’s just not going to perform as well. 

The Mito Method

Now you have an overview, a snapshot, of the ‘new way’. I call it The Mito Method. This powerful method can optimize the mitochondrial energy production machinery in your body. 

“The Mito Method is a truly holistic approach to optimizing energy levels” 

When I work with clients in my online programme The Energy Catalyst we look at a whole range of other elements that your mitochondria need to function at their best: how/what you eat, how you sleep, how you breathe, how you move, how you rest and how you play. 

All of these pieces come together in providing the mitochondria with the optimum environment  for them to function beautifully. And this is why I created The Mito Method approach. It sits at the very centre of the fatigue recovery work that I do with my clients. It takes all of these pieces (and more) and I put them in the right order, so that energy levels can start to recover quickly, effectively and with results that last!

Old way or new way?

And I hope that you can see from this conversation just how very different the new way is to the old way.

The new way is based on Functional Medicine (FM) principles. This is a way of practicing medicine that is truly holistic and actively incorporates the physical, mental , emotional and spiritual parts of our health and well-being. It is also very science based.

The functional medicine approach to fatigue recovery uses key concepts like ‘ food as medicine’, looking at how the systems of your body are supporting your energy production and what the underlying root causes are for your fatigue.

Hopefully you can see how very different this is to the ‘old way’ of working with fatigue. The more passive approach of resting and pacing. Propping yourself up on stimulants and using medications that might cover up symptoms and make you suffer less, but don’t address the underlying cause and give you lasting results. 

If you’ve enjoyed this discussion, then why not head over to my new master class which walks you through the 5 key steps I use every day to help my clients get out of fatigue and get their life back.

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Let me know how you go!

Margriet xx


  1. Fiona Moran

    I’d love to try the new way!! I’ve suffered my whole life with cfs food intolerances, an under active thyroid

  2. Deb Kikkert

    Wow, Margriet. Hopefully this will be part of your year long program.
    It must be. Okay, lets dive in.


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