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Taking back control: how to start your fatigue recovery journey

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One of the toughest parts of being stuck in fatigue is that you can so easily end up feeling utterly powerless. Let’s face it, when your energy is on the floor, and your self worth is hanging by a thread…… taking back control can seem like the biggest mountain to climb. And where do you even start?

This is exactly how my client Debs was feeling. She had been stuck in a fatigue for the best part of a decade. Her energy levels were on the floor. She was just dragging herself through each and every day instead of really living her life. And like so many of the women I work with, she had come to the conclusion that this was it. In her words: “ Im on the wrong side of 60”, and she had resigned herself to the fact that this is how life would be from here on.  

Today Debs is a bright, energetic and active woman who is really enjoying her life, making plans for the future and doing exactly what she loves. 

So what did she do to turn things around? What steps did she take, that you could easily take as well? So that you too can get those energy levels sorted out, for real. 

She took the one step that most people forget to take. And it was this: she decided that she would not go one more day, without sorting her energy levels out, once and for all.

That was it! It was that simple!! 

So let me walk you through exactly how to take back control and help you to start your energy recovery journey for real. Because what Debs did, you can do too. 

1) Take Charge

You have to take charge and DECIDE that you are going to get this fixed once and for all. You have to decide that you will not go one more day without getting this fatigue fixed. Deciding comes first. And then you can work out how you will do this!

So many people never take this crucial step. It basically sets them up for failure. It sets them up for years of trying a bit of this and some of that and never really getting to the heart of it. And getting their beautiful energy levels back to where they belong: skyhigh!

You know that recovery work might take some time and that there is no magic wand. You know it will mean finding the right system to take you through that journey of energy optimisation. , And you get it, that it might mean finding someone to work with who knows how to navigate all of this. And all of that good stuff.

The truth is that fatigue is a chronic health issue. It’s probably been there for months, years even decades. And in that time we become experts in building those coping mechanisms. We tell ourselves things like “It’s not that bad” and “It will be ok”. Even if deep down you know its not true. And secretly you know you have no plan, no roadmap and no strategy to make this a reality. Maybe the only strategy you have right now is ‘hope and pray’ that it doesn’t  get any worse.

And it’s ok, because these coping mechanisms are normal. BUT they are not helpful! Nor will they get you the results you really want. These coping mechanics will literally stop you from opening the door to a new possibility. They can even stop you from choosing to get this fixed. 

The truth is that being stuck in fatigue is not what we want, but it is what we are familiar with. It is what we know. And the fear of trying something new can be truly daunting.

When you decide to fix this, you have to leave the familiar behind. It’s stepping into a new ‘paradigm’ : of healing, of asking for help/support, of investing your time and energy in your own recovery. And the truth is that for many of us, this is just too scary.

2) Face the fear

So the next thing you face once you have DECIDED to FIX THIS once and for all is fear. The fear of will it work for me? Will I manage it? What if I get it wrong? What will people think of me?

I’m not joking, the biggest reason why so many women stay stuck in fatigue is because the fear is too great. 

But once the fear of staying stuck and all that it is costing you is more painful than the fear of stepping into the unknown, that’s the point where the magic happens!!!!

That is the point at which we open the door to a new possibility. We open the door to a new way of working with our health and learning how to get those energy levels back on track.

You decide that you will not go one more day like this. Because this is not the life you signed up for. This is not the reality you want for the next 6 months, a year , or even the next 5 or 10 years. Enough is enough.

You are super clear: You have suffered long enough and it’s time for action !!!!

And this is where Debs started too. She had to shift her beliefs into thinking it was even possible to recover her energy levels (read more on that here) . And then she took the massive step of saying YES to her own needs and desires for a better future. A future where she could be a real self, and not this shadow of the woman she once was.

She’d had enough!!!

And if you are listening to this and you are scared, worried, feel anxious and all your thoughts are screaming at you’ I can’t do this’ then don’t worry. Just sit with these thoughts and ideas. Allow them to filter through and inch open the door to a new possibility for you, your health and your life. 

And then you will come to a point in time, where you have to decide. Stay stuck or get this fixed.

So what happens then?

3) Make a plan

Yep, you need to make a plan. But not just any old plan! You want to design your plan  like this:

Get crystal clear

Get clarity on what’s working and what’s not. Be ultra truthful. Holding the mirror up to yourself, and facing things how they really are. What is the cost of staying stuck in fatigue (read more on that right here ) because all of this is very real. 

The way I look at it is like this: whether you stay in fatigue or choose to recover, you will be working hard either way. It takes real energy, battling though every day to cope with fatigue and what it does to your body, your mind and your heart. 

Decide what you DO want. Get clear on how you want your health and your life to be once you are no longer stuck in fatigue, exhaustion and feeling tired all the time. 

Claim your heaven

Allow yourself to look to the future and see what it is you really want. Cos I’ll bet it’s been a while since you let yourself go there. And no harm done, because most of us in fatigue have closed that door.

But we need to reconnect to a vision of what is really possible. What do you want? What is your dream? What kind of future would excite you, be meaningful for you, light you up. A future that means you can inspire others like your children or your partner.

We have to put the joy of what truly lights you up back in the mix. Without a vision, a dream or a big desire of what you want at the end of your recovery work, all you will see is the struggle and the fear – esp the ‘will it work for me’ question.

Focus forwards

Then, you need to put all your focus forward, on that recovery journey.

Who/ what do you need now?


Get checked out at your doctors to ensure things like your thyroid is ok and that you are not anemic. 

Work with a fatigue recovery coach?

Who do you need in your team?!

Get into action

Be prepared to go step by step.

Start where you are

Be ultra committed to your progress.


Be decisive and resourceful when challenges come up along the way, because they will!

One last thing…..

4) The nature of recovery work

In my professional and personal experience, lasting energy recovery work is built up in layers: Learning the different pieces, stacking them up in the right order and then keep practicing them until you have mastery.

We are so used to ‘ quick fix’ medicine, but this is not how this journey plays out. And the results are spectacular but never linear – the overall direction of travel is both upwards and forwards but not without the bumps in the road!!

The way i look at recovery work is like this: it took a lot of different pieces, life experiences, and events to get you to this exact place where you are right now. So it stands to reason that it’s going to take several layers of putting the right things in the right order, for you to start turning the tide around, and start building those energy levels up again.

And this is exactly what Debs did.

She made the decision that she was not going to live with this state of affairs any longer.

She was ready to fix it. She was utterly ready to take on the journey of a lifetime, back to her very best self.

She and I had a good long talk about everything that was working in her health and in her life, and everything that wasn’t. We also talked about what she REALLY wanted for herself. She found this part pretty challenging because she’d been in fatigue for so long.

She trusted the process, shifted her mindset, and together we worked on all the layers of stuff she needed to support her health, so that her energy levels could recover.

Literally, just 6 weeks into working together, she was back to doing the gardening and the creative design work that she loved so much. But now instead of this wiping her out for days on end, it was enjoyable, life affirming, and positive. 

Week on week, she committed to the steps I was asking her to take, and  it was such a pleasure to see her come to life and start getting her glow back!!

And what Debs did, you can do too!


Fatigue is no joke and the cost of staying stuck in fatigue is very real.

But to start the journey of recovery, means you have to DECIDE, that you will not live one more day without getting this fixed.

And the steps that Debs took, and that you can take as well, are:

Take charge

Face the fear

Make a plan

Get crystal clear

Claim your heaven

Focus Forwards

Get into action

Commit fully

Next steps

If you are struggling with fatigue and wondering where to even start, I have something for you!.

In my brand new FREE masterclass  I will be walking you through the 5 proven steps I use to help my clients eliminate fatigue and have incredible all day energy – click here to watch the masterclass.

Wishing you health, happiness and joy

Margriet xx


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