You want to feel amazing. You want to feel full of energy and joy and incredible vitality. You want to feel proud of your body. You decide it’s time to tackle those extra pounds, sort out that belly fat, ditch the fatigue that slows you down every single day. You decide to TAKE ACTION.

But you just can’t quite get started…because it’s  a minefield out there. It’s overwhelming. Which eating plan is the right one for you? Which kind of exercise will suit you?And will it even work? And what if you can’t do it? What if it’s all a huge waste of time? And you will have spent all that time and energy and effort for nothing…..never mind the money….

You’ve been here before, so how will it be any different this time?

You KNOW you want to change.

You KNOW you want something different.

You KNOW it is a fantastic idea, and if you could achieve this thing, it would absolutely change your life.

So what is it, that holds you back? What is it, that gets in the way of your success? What is it that stops you from taking powerful action that could truly transform your health and well-being?



With any project we take on, whether that is to do with eating healthily, exercising more, pro-actively dealing with your stress, there is one CRUCIAL FIRST STEP you have to take. Think of it as a bottleneck that we all have to go through, before we can really go for it. Before you can wholeheartedly and unreservedly throw yourself into your new life, knowing you will get great results

That bottle neck is this: You have to shift your mindset out of  “I can’t do it” and into “I absolutely can do it!”

So how do we do that? First lets just acknowledge that you are in the perfect place right now.

Being stuck, knowing something is not right, being unhappy with the status quo and wishing things were otherwise is a POWERFUL place to be. Because it makes you want to change. It makes you want to take action. And this is crucial to your success.



Because knowing what you DONT WANT is the trigger, for any change or transformation. Wanting to  ditch the fatigue, stop feeling depressed, stop being a size x, stop being so unfit, stop having to take so many tablets for your blood pressure/ cholesterol/ diabetes/ asthma/ bowels etc etc. These are all powerful triggers for change.

But to make a change we need to take action. We need to DO something different to what we were doing before, to get a different outcome, a new result.

And this is where it can get tricky, because we are ace at stopping ourselves from getting into action!!

This is where the big “I can’t” comes into play. Because TO GET INTO ACTION, YOU HAVE TO SHIFT FROM I CAN’T TO I ABSOLUTELY CAN! In other words, it’s about making powerful choices and acting on them.



The first thing is that the ‘I cant’ mindset has many different shapes. Here are some examples:

I’m scared = I can’t find the courage to overcome my doubts/ fears

It’s too hard = I can’t do it all by myself, I need some help and support please

What if I fail? = I cant take the risk

I don’t know what to do = I cant work it out by myself, maybe I need some expert advice

I’ve tried before, and it didn’t work, so why should it be any different this time? = I cant trust the process

It’s too hard! = I can’t manage it.

I don’t have time (love that one) = I can’t work out how to create a bit of ease in my schedule, so I have time to look after my own health

I can’t afford it = …. Self-explanatory but take a good look at what you do spend your hard-earned money on… I have literally heard someone saying they couldn’t afford ‘to eat healthily’ before getting into a car for which they paid an extra £40 a month just so they would have the inbuilt satnav feature! Nothing wrong with that, but it does come down to choices.

It can be hard to shift from I can’t to I can. And it is quite normal to be stuck in “ I cant do it because….”. So if this is you right now, its OK!

It does not make you a failure. It does not make you a bad person. And it is absolutely ok to feel scared, doubtful,  and anxious. Because change can be all these things.

But the truth is, that unless we navigate through the bottle neck, its almost impossible to start the journey of change.

If you want to get out of stuck and into possibility, a great place to start is to look at your own versions of ‘I cant’. Get crystal clear on exactly what your ‘I cant ‘ looks like. Stare it in the face! Call it by its name! Out it!!


You can make change, you can take on new projects with ease, you can get the results you dream of, the really really big ones that would change your life!

But first you need to get canny and suss out exactly what is going on. I would recommend that you take some time to think about this, and perhaps write some of it down, so that you get super clear on where and how you stand in the way of your own success.


Here are some journal prompts to help you:

Think about the last time you tried to lose weight, or get fit, or any other health project.

What exactly stopped you?

What got in the way?

What did you tell yourself?

Have a look at the list of ‘I cant because…’ examples.

Which ones do you do?

Looking back on the situation, is this true?

I hope this gives you some powerful tools with which to navigate your bottlenecks.

Lets get you out of I cant because…..

And into “I can absolutely do this!”.