How to find inspiration – in everyday life and in your health journey

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It’s January and it’s the time where we get inspiration from the thrill of new beginnings and the promise of things to come. We throw ourselves headlong into new projects, full of good intentions and excited at the prospect of (finally) achieving the body, health and life we really want. 


And this is fantastic except that for most of us, the reality is that we ‘ burn out’ on those projects. We can lose motivation, it gets too hard and  life gets in the way. All of which means we don’t get the results we hoped for and we can feel like we have failed.


This is where finding inspiration comes in. Inspiration is the magic juice, your new best friend,  when it comes to creating  your very best health this year. When you put inspiration in the mix, you will be able to enjoy creating the health and energy you want every step of the way and no longer be striving only for that goal.


And guess what? All of this means that you feel happier, more energised and are far more successful in your health and in your life.


What exactly is inspiration anyway and how do I get some?


So what are we really talking about here? What does it look like to feel inspired in life? To have inspiration on tap? So that your energy recovery journey  really flows? So that you enjoy taking the very best care of your body? So that losing weight is fun and life enhancing instead of something you ‘ should’ do? So that getting out of depression is the most exciting journey you ever experienced?


Inspiration is one of my favorite words. It comes from the Greek ‘entheos’ meaning ‘ god within’ and it is literally connecting to your inner divine.


If that’s a bit too woo woo for you, let me give you some other words to describe the same thing. 

Inspiration is being in flow, feeling creative and generative, being motivated from within. It’s a state of deep and natural joy. It’s about feeling lit up, light you have your own personal 50,000watt light bulb shining brightly every single day.


When you learn how to turn up the volume on your inspiration, you will have more ideas, feel more excited and your mood will soar. You will  feel deeply connected to and excited by what you do every day.  In short you will feel happier, more aligned and at ease with your actions, every step of the way. 


Now you are getting the idea. The truth is that when we feel inspired, it means we feel ‘ on it’, things flow easily and any struggle or strife simply melts away.


7 Ways to turn up the inspiration volume in your life TODAY


The truth is that most of us don’t score very high on the inspiration levels. We are not taught about what inspiration really is, and how it makes a difference. Let alone how to cultivate it! We think it is something that only ‘ creative people’ do, but this simply isn’t true! 


So if you are reading this and asking yourself, ok, I want to get truly inspired around my life and my health,how does it work? How do you get more inspired? How do you turn up the volume on that inner motivational energy, so that you have access to a limitless supply of ideas, motivation and creative juices?


Here are the 7 pieces of ‘ inner work’ that I teach my clients, when we want to get inspiration in the mix. It is incredibly powerful and effective and it is a true game changer when it comes to creating vibrant gorgeous energy and health. In fact it is so powerful that I have seen it literally create miracles in people’s health and in their life.


And if they can do it, then so can you. Here we go.




Make a powerful choice for yourself and your life right now. Decide that you are going to find your inspiration. Make the choice that you will no longer put up with just going through the motions of life, doggedly following through on endless ‘ to do’ lists and tolerating life being lacklustre, humdrum or boring. Decide that you will have a life driven by the engine of taking intelligent and inspired action every single day.




Shifting your attitude by even 2 degrees to one of being more open, curious and playful will create a huge impact over time. Allow yourself to be more child-like. Be deeply interested in everything: in you, your health, your life, and in the people around you. Really listen, make time for them, stay open and available in your heart and in your mind. 




Take on some new beliefs that will help you get to live an inspired rich and rewarding life. 

  • Believe that your health can be incredible. 
  • Believe that everyday life is deeply interesting and full of great opportunities. 
  • Believe that the best way to live your life and nurture your health is to be playful and have fun with it. 
  • Believe that asking for help and support is a good thing and you no longer have to figure it out all by yourself.
  • Believe that you deserve the very best, and not the leftovers
  • Believe that connecting with others on your health journey is one of the most powerful things you can do.




Adopt new habits. Like having some time for yourself just to sit and ponder the day ahead. All creative people know the importance of ‘ white space’ because that is often when our best ideas, thoughts and plans pop up. 


Plan your day and your week, so you are not always on the treadmill , hustling at the coal face. Make sure you have time to rest properly. Cultivate the habit of focusing on what is great about you and your life, instead of what is wrong. 




Start asking yourself great questions that your creative brian will love to have fun with and get creative with, e.g. how can I enjoy today even more? How can I fall in love with my selfcare and feel so excited about it that I literally can’t wait to do more of it? HOw can this journey be super light and easy?


6 CELEBRATE yourself every single day, and learn to truly appreciate yourself for all that you are.


7 Get clear on your WHY


Knowing your ‘why’ is like always having your own personal compass to guide you in the dark. Once you have your ‘ why’ dialed in, you will have the focus and clarity that means you will feel inspired and ‘ on track’ every single day. Imagine nurturing your health from that place and no longer being plagued by those inner demons of doubt, worry, anxiousness and fear.


Now that you know the ground rules…


Once you have the high octane fuel of inspiration coursing through your veins, anything and everything you do in life will feel lighter, brighter and far easier. 


The inner work of finding, nurturing and cultivating your inspiration is one of the most worthwhile journeys I know of. 


For many of you this will be a new approach, a new way of thinking about how to really succeed and have great energy, a body you love, the fitness to live your life to the full. 


Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit or ditch that tired, exhausted, depleted feeling once and for all, then knowing how to turn your inspiration volume up to the max, will be one of the best things you can do to help get your there.


Wishing you healthy and inspired living


Margriet xx


If you are ready to ditch the fatigue in 2021...

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