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The Energy Catalyst: From Fatigue to Vitality

The energy recovery programme designed to boost your energy levels.
Ditch the fatigue once and for all and reclaim your incredible natural energy, vitality and joy!

Worried that the fatigue and exhaustion you feel is the new normal?

Do you feel constantly exhausted and have a lack of energy to get through your day?

😕 Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to be healthy, but you always end up going back to square one

😕 Do you look at those confident, sparky women who look like they’ve got it all together, and it makes you feel like you’ve totally lost it?

😕 Do you feel frustrated because you know you are capable of so much more, in your life!

And if you don’t get this fixed……

Do you secretly worry that this is it? And that if you don’t find a way out soon, this will simply be your new normal? Forever?

I can help!

Escape Fatigue and Reclaim Your Health, Energy, Vitality and Joy

Wake up feeling fresh, happy and bursting with energy.

Be the vibrant, go-getting woman you know you are inside.

Nurture your health and energy levels with ease and grace

Fulfil your dreams, ambitions, hopes and desires.

I Can Help You Flourish

Women like you, who are ambitious, ultra-capable and super big-hearted, are so often the ones that get stuck in fatigue.

And it’s especially difficult for you because you want to contribute and make a difference in the world. You have a dream on your heart and the pain of being stuck in fatigue is holding you back. I often talk about the ‘jail of fatigue’ because that is exactly what it feels like.

Does that sound about right?

So the truth is that you’ve probably spent weeks, months, maybe even years, trying different diets, the latest fitness regime, health supplements, or propping yourself up on caffeine, sugar hits and alcohol in an attempt to feel better. None of which have worked.

Well, the good news is that my proven, step-by-step energy recovery system DOES work and will help you to get more energy.

The Energy Catalyst programme uses my ‘Easy All-Day Energy’ system which offers you precisely what you need to get out of that ‘fatigue jail’ and build your energy with ease, flow and confidence.

Through a unique combination of science, psychology and spirituality, I have created a reversal energy system that really works for any woman. This program helps you to get clear about what is draining your energy and how to recover and rebuild your natural energy levels in a structured and practical way.

Are you ready to transition into a life where EASY ALL DAY ENERGY is your new normal?

What the Programme Covers 

The Energy Catalyst is an 8-week, step-by-step system for awesome energy creation. It provides a roadmap and deeply life-enhancing practices that help you to reconnect to your natural energy. 

You can think of it like building your ‘toolkit for life’. Once you know exactly how to do the steps, you will be able to generate energy, vitality and joy any time you want. PLUS this is all combined with incredible support and coaching.

We will cover more than 20 different energy creation techniques, and I have stacked them in exactly the right order, so that you get bigger and better results, even faster.

Holistic Energy Creation

The programme takes a truly holistic approach to energy creation – you will learn how to create energy on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Working on all of these areas is essential for creating the synergy that can cause an explosion of energy, joy and vitality!

1. Mental energy

Understanding your beliefs and your mindsets and how to harness these for powerful energy creation.

2. Physical energy

Supporting your body with the kind of food, movement, rest, and sleep that will really put the rocket fuel back into your system.

3. Emotional energy

How to access your joy, motivation, and happiness.

4. Spiritual energy

How to align yourself to your higher purpose, create a vision for your health and your life and learn higher-self practices to support this.

Areas of Work

We will be working truly holistically, putting powerful practices and strategies into place, and all with the most incredible level of coaching and support all the way.

We will also laser beam focus on:

nutritional work to restore energy levels


Deep nutritional work to restore your energy levels. This includes detoxification support, hormone balancing techniques, gut health work and anti-inflammatory strategies. You’ll learn how to use ‘food as medicine’ and a source of abundance.

emotional energy


We’ll work on discovering the mindsets that are draining your energy and develop a new mindset that will truly serve you and support your goals. These new mindset beliefs will help you to power up rather than power down.

wake up full of energy


We will work on deepening your natural sleep and identify dysfunctional sleep patterns so that you can learn how to have truly deep refreshing sleep.


You’ll learn how to activate the heal-and-repair mechanisms in your body to escape chronic stress and replace it with healing energy.

physical movement to increase energy

Physical Movement

We’ll work on using movement and exercise to rapidly boost your energy even further.

What’s included?

Hours of Live, Interactive Group Coaching

The LIVE Group Coaching

These live interactive coaching sessions are what makes this programme so extraordinary. Taking place twice a week, this is where the transformation, the deep learning, the aha’s, the breakthroughs, and moments of truth happen. This is the stuff you cannot get out of a book or google. This is where 20+ years of my doctoring wisdom, meets functional medicine expert, meets transformational coaching. These sessions are priceless!

1 to 1 Support Sessions

The 1-2-1 support sessions

These are an opportunity for you to work with me 1-2-1 on your personal journey within this programme. There are 2 x 30 min sessions: one at the 4-week mark, and one towards the end.

Weeks with your Exclusive Tribe

The Energy Catalyst FB Group

8-week access to for additional support, wisdom and love from the other incredible women who are travelling this journey alongside you. And this is not any old group: access to this programme is by application only. I have personally handpicked and selected only those women who are truly committed and who have a dream in their heart. This is one special and exclusive tribe.

Online Training Videos

The Online Training Videos

Walking you step-by-step through each area of work. These are stacked in exactly the right order so that the learning builds powerfully and amplifies the results that you will get.

Worksheets and Audio Files

10 Worksheets and Audio Files

To supplement the training videos and deepen your learning. These include exercises, checklists, and meditations.

PLUS 100% of my personal support, coaching and commitment to help you get the very best possible outcome.

Who is it for?

This programme is for you if you are a professional, high-achieving woman who is tired of feeling tired and ready for a new approach, and for a system that truly works. 

  • If you are coachable, fully committed to the journey and truly ready to do the work, then you will be able to boost your energy levels and reclaim your health, happiness and freedom.
  • If you can be resourceful when faced with the challenges that will be part of this transformational journey, then you will be able to master your own energy creation and flourish.

Because if it was easy, everyone would already have figured this out!

So if you are ready to transform your health and happiness

If you are ready to make the next 10 years your very best yet

If you are ready to impact the health and happiness of those around you

If you are ready to step into your dream

Then I am here for you!

The Energy Catalyst has taught me how to be persistent and resilient, and I consider that a huge success versus the burnt-out state I was in before. I’m able to put a more consistent effort into things, and I have peace when I’m faced with something that I can’t fix or change.

Before The Energy Catalyst, I barely had enough energy to get by day-to-day, but now I’m looking at new possibilities. I’m opening up. I don’t feel like anything is stuck for me anymore before I was almost reclusive. So thank you for changing me!


Meet Dr Margriet 

Hello there! I’m Dr Margriet, the UK’s only fatigue recovery coach for women, a creator of online transformational health programmes, and a qualified medical doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience.

My passion is to support women just like you, to get out of fatigue and exhaustion so that you can enjoy the kind of energy, health, and vitality that lets you really live the life you are meant for. Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, makes me feel more excited and blessed than seeing someone come back from the darkness that is fatigue, and shine their light again.

After having my own health crash in 2014, I discovered the power of functional medicine and the need for a truly holistic approach in order to recover. Since then, my health and my life have completely transformed.

Since then, it has been my mission to help women all over the world step into their highest energy, just like I did, so that they can live their lives aligned to their purpose. That’s the kind of world I’m interested in! Where women are on purpose, on fire and their most fully expressed self, 100% of the time.

I have successfully helped over 100 women recover their health and their energy and I now I want the same for you. That’s why I have created The Energy Catalyst.

“It is my mission to help women all over the world step into their highest energy so that they can live their lives aligned to their purpose. That’s the kind of world I’m interested in! Where women are on purpose, on fire and their most fully expressed self, 100% of the time”.

I have evened out my energy – I no longer feel like I have to do a huge burst in the morning because that’s the only time I have energy, and I no longer have those dips in the afternoon. I have more steady energy that’s consistent throughout the day. I’ve also realized a lot of my own personal strengths and characteristics and I’m much better at recognizing the need for rest and for downtime when I need it.


Thanks to The Energy Catalyst, I now have more confidence in energy so that I can feel strong and continue to increase my strength. I feel like I have developed an amazing toolkit of self-care strategies that I’m really enjoying. I’ve come out to play out of my shell on all levels. I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to be challenged. I just wanted everything to just be easy and unchallenging and stay the same and safe. But this program has shown me that I can take the opportunity to look at my life.


Are you ready to boost your energy call to action?

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