What Your Heart Desires: The Secret to Incredible Energy and Happiness

Heart Desires

I remember the day, about 10 years ago, when someone asked me, Margriet , if you are so tired and exhausted and you feel so unhappy, what is it that you really want? 

I remember the moment well, because I was so exhausted I could barely gather my thoughts, let alone come up with a creative or coherent answer about my future wishes and dreams. It seemed like a ridiculous question!

The Moment of Truth

At that time my whole life was based on things I should do. Responsibilities I had signed up for, roles I had willingly taken on. That moment brought home something very powerful for me. It was a moment of truth: that I really didn’t know what I wanted. Not a clue.

I realised I had spent so long trying to be a good girl, live up to everyones expectations, be a high energy mum who was fun, loving and took care of everything, be fantastic at my job, and maintain some resemblance of a social life, that I had just switched off my own desires and longings.  I simply didn’t have time for my heart’s desires.

I was too busy juggling all the balls and all those roles.  And I was wired to excel in all of them, I was running around too much, working too hard and pushing through each day with sheer determination, that I had no time to check in on what I really wanted, deep down.

I had simply silenced my heart and was kidding myself that the pleasure of being a ‘great mum’, a doctor who was liked by her patients and a good friend, was enough for me. 

And I was grateful for all of that, but it put the spotlight on a very important issue: I had switched off my desires, my heart’s longings, my inner emotional compass.

No wonder life had lost its colour, and I was feeling deeply exhausted and depleted.

Your Emotional Compass

Our desires are really our heartfelt longings.  Our deepest wishes, dreams and aspirations.  We feel them in our heart, and there lies the magic: we feel our desires. These are what give life colour, hope, and joy.  Desires keep us motivated, inspired and energised.

They are a secret and powerful source of energy!  Because once you start decorating your life with the things your heart longs for, you instantly feel better, brighter, more hopeful and clearer.

Without desire, we turn into  ‘doing machines’.  We go through the motions of life but we lose the depth of the pleasure, the fun and joy. 

Desires are not logical, they are not rational or even reasonable. Often they are not even practical  or do-able. Sometimes our desires can seem utterly impossible, far off, totally off the wall, and something that might happen to someone else but not for you.

And yet our desires are critical because they tell us what our heart longs for. You can think of your desires as your emotional compass, guiding you instinctively towards what will light you up, inspire and motivate you in life.

Bring Your Heart Back to The Party

So how do we start to wake up our heart?  When it has been silenced for so long?  When we haven’t spoken to it for years?  Not asked that simple but very important question: what do you really want?  Never mind having time to stop and really listen to the answer?

It’s much like that old friend who you keep meaning to call, but somehow there’s never enough time. Guess what happens to that friendship over time?!  But like any great friendship, there’s always a way back into the conversation.

So how can you reawaken your desires?

Step 1 Ask The Question

Ask yourself what do I want?  Really want?  For my life, my relationships, my health, my creativity, my family, my work…. Start asking the question and just sit quietly and see what comes….

  • Don’t judge the ideas that come up. 
  • Don’t dismiss the suggestions
  • Dont tell yourself yes that’s lovely but that will never happen for me
  • Don’t silence ANY of it.

Just like talking to a dear dear friend, your job is to listen, and keep asking yourself:

  • So what do I REALLY want?
  • What are my deepest longings in life?
  • What would make me say ‘Hell Yes!’
  • What would bring sparks of joy?

Step 2 Say It Out Loud

Declare your desires. Write them down, say them out loud, gather images of the things you desire, build the picture in your mind and in your heart. 

Once you are a bit more familiar with this new found heart voice, and you feel a bit more sure-footed in this rekindled friendship, you can start to share your ideas, inspirations and thoughts with other people. 

Step 3 Push Yourself to The Edge of Comfort

And then go beyond that!!  That’s right, once you get really good at registering what your heart really wants for you, in all aspects of your life, imagine you have a magic wand that instantly 10X’s everything on your list. 

  • Now what does it look like? 
  • What becomes possible? 
  • What excites you even more?

Step 4 Give It A Shape

Give your desires an even more tangible shape in your life. 

  • Go collect images of all the things you love, that move you, that you long for, that excite you.
  • Go write lists of everything.The ideas, opportunities, stuff, people anything and everything that your heart longs for. 


Do not hold back.

And include EVERYTHING, in all aspects of your life.

Living a Life Inspired By Your Hearts Desire

Uncovering your desires is a thrilling, surprising and dynamic journey of trust, exploration and allowing yourself to be guided by your heart.

It is also a powerful and secret weapon to creating incredible energy vitality and joy in your life!





Ready to reclaim your energy vitality and happiness..........then let's talk!

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  1. Agnes Hamilton

    This was wonderful to read a realistic map to your hearts desires Thank you Dr Margriet it sparked hope through the realisation of possibilities following your advice


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