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Healthy Ranting: Speaking Your Unapologetic Truth With Power And Passion

healthy ranting

Sometimes we just need to get things out of our system.  Stop all that stuff going round and round in your head.  All those worries, anxieties and all that… well, just STUFF… it needs to be released.  Got rid of.  Set free. Out of our heads and out into the world. 

So whether it’s putting stuff down on paper, throwing it all into a google doc, telling a friend, or shouting at the walls, it’s time for a bit of a release.  Welcome to the power of healthy ranting.

I Love a Good Rant 

I’m definitely guilty of that ‘why use one word when you can use 4 or 5’ thing.  I love words, language and complex ideas, carefully crafted into simply ‘aha’ messages.  But when it comes to ranting, it’s best to go for raw, uncensored, simple, direct and ‘dont mind your P’s and Q’s.  Let all the passion and urgency of the moment sweep you along and just go for it!

Rants are …..

Powerful.  Passionate.  Direct.  Uncensored.  From the heart.  Alive.  Authentic.  Tremendous. Energy.  Emotive.  Vibrant.  Celebratory and Honest.

They are also…… 

Messy.  Cathartic.  Deep truths.  Incorrect.  Deluded.  Wobbles.  Reactive.  Spicy.  Rude. Childish. Frustration.  Anger.  Rage.  Helplessness.  Exhausting. 

So you get the message, it isn’t clean, polite or ‘nice’.  You wont get to ‘look good’ or sound intelligent or like you are at all grown up!  That’s the whole point.  Rants come from a very instinctive, deeply felt place and that’s exactly why they are so powerful.

Ranting As An Art Form

I don’t think we rant nearly enough.  Just let it all rip, saying exactly what you really think and feel, from the very core of your heart, from the very centre of your being.

Our conditioning is to ‘be nice, be considerate, be neat, be intelligent and smart and have it all together.  Rants are simply not part of that landscape. 

Reinventing The Rant: The Good Girls Power Tool

So if I told you that:

💓 Ranting is incredibly good for you

💓 Ranting will help you get out of confusion, worry and uncertainty and back into clarity, 

💓Ranting is the gateway to getting your life aligned with your deepest truth and move you forwards on the path to living a life that reflects who you really are and the life you really want to live

Would you be prepared to get a bit messy?  To lose control a bit?  And just go for it?

And then there’s the issue that, if and when we ever do give ourselves permission to really let rip, we rant about all the stuff that’s wrong in our lives, where we are fed up, where we feel things aren’t fair. 

We focus much more naturally on the obstacles, difficulties or unfairnesses of life. After all, it’s so much easier to get emotionally charged over that stuff, than over what is going well. 

Ranting about just how happy you are, or how pleased you are with yourself, does not have quite the emotional charge to it.  It’s as if we can only rant when something lights our touchpaper, when we are in that ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ scenario or the last drop that made the bucket overflow situation.

The Pleasure Rant

So let’s just give all of that a whole new twist. Let’s put a new spin on the art of having a good rant.

Let’s ‘let it rip’ because we choose to release, to let go, to declare our passions, emotions and set our desires free.

Let’s claim the stuff that brings us joy, pleasure, and reminds us just how flipping good it feels simply to be alive.

Welcome to the pleasure rant: an ecstatic release of joy, love, laughter, gratitude and deep unedited pleasure.

Ok, so in the name of vulnerability, I’m just going to share a few of my recent pleasure rants snippets with you. You can judge me, criticise me or say and think whatever you like, I’m cool with it, because this is what is true for me!

💓 My daughters big brown eyes- they crushed me when she was first born and now, almost 18 years later, they still fill my heart with crazy love

💓 A slow duvet morning – oh my!

💓Brushing my teeth in the shower – they feel sooo clean after

💓Opening a new bar of soap ( Dr Bronner’s orange zest—oooh la la)

💓Dancing like a demon – tango music always gets me going

💓Being outside. 

💓Spaciousness and time to myself, with no one to disturb me

💓Wind on my face

💓Sun on my face

💓Big open spaces: local park, beach, 

💓Going to bed insanely early and waking up naturally with the dawn chorus. Delicious.

💓Double coffee in the morning.

💓Amazon book parcels – especially when I’d forgotten all about it!

💓Working really really hard to create something wickedly beautiful – Im so proud of my Energy Catalyst programme, like a crazy momma bear.

💓Coaching my clients- I literally LOVE my clients!!

💓Cuddling my dog Tilly

💓Book stores esp the ones that also sell coffee

💓Firepits and my clothes smelling of smoke the next day.

💓Cooking – indoors or outdoors

💓Food markets: tonnes of fresh veg, fish and flowers.

💓Picking flowers

💓Sun-kissed meadows

💓Ice ice ice cold G&T

💓New paint brushes

💓Bright sunlight

Ok, so that’s me!  Literally just writing this stuff makes me feel amazing!!  And now it’s your turn, ready?!

How to Create Your Own Pleasure Rant

As always, talking about something only gets you so far.  You have to jump in and be prepared to get your hands dirty. So are you ready?  Lets give this a go.

Set the Scene

It’s hard to rant when you are in a ‘low energy’ state. In other words, it helps to get the ranting juices flowing, if you move your body, e.g. walking or dancing, if you have some music on the go that you love and you are in a place that makes you feel as happy as is humanly possible under the circumstances. 

It matters that you raise your frequency, your energy!

Helpful Prompts

Here are some cool prompts that you can use to start generating your own pleasure rant. I find it’s best to start this when you are really moving your body, e.g. on a walk, or if you are dancing. Shifting yourself to a ‘high energy’ state e.g. by being in motion rather than sitting still. Is much more likely to get your rant juices flowing.

I absolutely love ……

I feel most alive when…..

I adore it….

I simply can’t get enough of,,,,,

I’m thrilled about…..

Tell your inner critic to just be quiet for a minute

And finally, your inner critic will try to take the wheel, 100% guaranteed. So you might just need to have a little word with it, take it to one side and say, I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’ve got this.  So go take a break, do whatever you have to do, but don’t bother me for the next 10 minutes, cos I’m having a good rant, and you’re not invited to that party.  Period. 

Final Words of Wisdom

Do not rant unless you are prepared to go all in. Without the energy it simply won’t have the power. The emotion or the passion of a good rant.

Set the scene: walk, move, dance, music, connect to something pleasurable….

Get it out of your head and out of your body:  write it out, talk it out, or scream it out. Whatever you need to do, whatever freedom you can give yourself. But DO NOT just think it. Do not have it at a low volume in your head, thinking you are ranting, because I promise you, that’s not at all the same thing!

Go all in, and all out! The more energy you pour into it, the more freedom and exploding energy you will get from this.

Happy ranting!

Margriet x

PS One more thing…. if you love this kind of slightly ‘off the wall ‘ approach to  reconnecting with your heart , your truth, and your energy, then let’s talk!


If you are truly ready to reconnect with your heart , your truth, and your energy,........ then let's talk!


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