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Healthy Advent Calendar 2020

Get to Christmas healthier and happy!

Ditch the stress and exhaustion, boost your immune system, and enjoy a healthier, happy Christmas!


This year’s Healthy Advent Calendar (HAC 2020) brings you daily support and inspiration to set you up for an ultra-healthy, immune-boosted December so that you get to Christmas day brimming with energy, joy and vitality!

We’ve all done it! In the weeks leading up to Christmas we take on too much, promise to do this, that and the other, work hard to get everything ready….. only to get to Christmas day and collapse in a heap!

Throw in the extra challenge of COVID this year, and we have no idea what we’re preparing for: lockdown Christmas alone? Full-on party with the whole gang? Something in between?

Anyone else feeling tired just thinking about it all!?

Do the run up to Christmas a little differently this year.

Join HAC 2020 and let’s have a super healthy and inspirational December! And because of the situation we find ourselves in this year, I’ve added an extra immune-boosting focus! 

You CAN arrive at Christmas day feeling healthy, happy and ultra-well! PLUS you get to make a difference at the same time!

Together we can do this!

Does It Cost Anything?

I’m giving you all of the amazing benefits of HAC 2020 for FREE! All I ask is that you make a minimum donation of £5 to my chosen charity – The Samaritans.

HAC 2020

Health and Immune-boosting Tips

Delivered to your inbox every day

Exclusive HAC 2020 Facebook Group

Live online events, support and community

Live Videos Every Week

For even MORE amazing advice and tips

6 International Guest Speakers

To inspire and motivate you even more!

ALL money raised goes to charity

To my chosen UK charity The Samaritans

What’s Included?

In a nutshell the HAC 2020 is your personal guide, support and inspiration to set you up for an ultra- healthy immune-boosted December so you can get to Christmas day brimming with energy, joy and vitality.

A Daily Dose of ‘Health Wisdom’

Every morning there will be a ‘little new door to open’! Healthy tips, inspirational quotes and practical immune-boosting practices delivered straight to your inbox every morning from 1st – 25th December. 

These are little nuggets of fun, with actionable steps and inspiration to help you get that immune system boosted and stay healthy and well.

6 International Guest Speakers

A group of INCREDIBLE guest speakers from the field of functional medicine and natural health will be sharing their wisdom on natural immune-boosting practices that you can easily do to feel benefits straight away.

HAC 2020 Pop-up Facebook Group

Special access to the exclusive HAC 2020 Facebook group – your special health creation space for December 2020.

This is where we will host our inspirational lives, interviews, and get into action! You will also be able to meet and connect with all the other 2020 ‘HAC’ers. This is where we stand strong together – you definitely do not need to go it alone!! 

Make a Difference and Share the Love

You get to make a difference: this year we are raising money for The Samaritans, a UK charity that does life saving work every day, all day long.

Our International Speakers

You’ll get to hear from some AMAZING speakers from the fields of functional medicine, natural health care and transformational health practices.

Emma Holmes

Emma Holmes BA

Emma Holmes is a nutrition coach, ultra runner, adventurer & entrepreneur.  Emma works with business owners to transform the energy in every part of their business, starting with their own energy.  Emma believes that there’s a huge amount you can do to optimise your immunity and have loads of fun at the same  time. She walks her talk: Emma hasn’t had a day off sick since having her little girl who is now 11!


Torea Rodriguez

Torea Rodriguez FDN-P

Torea is a health nut, wilderness retreat leader and former professional pilot. She has been a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner for more than 7 years and she works with clients all over the world to support and help reverse autoimmune disease. She is passionate about using functional medicine principles to understand and support your whole health so that you can live your life to the full, no holds barred version of your dreams!! And she will be sharing her insights in it how you can support your immune health naturally during HAC 2020.


Dr. Marnie Wachtler

Dr. Marnie Wachtler ND

Dr. Marnie Wachtler is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and she runs a hugely successful clinical practice in Calgary, Canada as well as online programs. Dr Marnie believes in a gentle and kind approach to helping you find the root cause of your health issues. She specializes in women’s health and hormonal issues including wobbly menopause.

Here in the HAC 2020 Dr Marnie wants to share her passion about health and wellness and how strategies for a natural menopause also boost your natural immune health. 


Amy Wheasler

Amy Weasler IIN

Amy helps women over 40 drop unwanted weight, get their body, energy & health back naturally and permanently.   

She has a unique holistic approach that addresses the root issues of stress and emotional eating while teaching her clients how to recondition their bodies with simple and powerful lifestyle habits so that they can have their healthiest and best body and avoid disease caused by stress and obesity.  She is a holistic health coach, certified yoga instructor and previously licensed personal trainer and massage therapist. 

Amy went through her own weight and health crisis and transformation in her mid 40’s and now her mission is to guide women who are in this same hell she was in, out of it naturally and once and for all so that they have their best body, best health and best version of themselves for the 2nd half of their lives.


Sorcha McAloon

Sorcha McAloon

Sorcha is retired police officer and she is passionate about helping women recover from childhood trauma without years and years of therapy or sacrificing their personal health, happiness or success in life

She helps women move forward into a bright and powerful future and she firmly believes that nothing needs to hold you back .

She created the powerful program ‘ Life Free From Abuse’  which supports high achieving women to triumph over their childhood trauma for good, so they can find love and joy in their personal life,

She’s excited to take part in HAC 2020 because she knows only too well how past trauma can stay stuck in the body and come out years later, in the form of chronic health issues. She will share the link between how trauma can stay stuck in the body and affect your body’s ability to heal fully. 


Dorothy Hay

D Rev. Dorothy Hay DA

Dorothy is a multi-talented woman who is a kickass transformational coach. Her dream is to transform the world of financial trading into a new consciousness. She teaches people to trade so that they can make a difference in the world with whatever dream is on their heart.

Dorothy will be co-hosting some of the FB live events in HAC 2020 to add her expertise as a world class mindset coach and creator of powerful personal transformational practices. It’s not just about what you do, it’s as much about HOW you do it!


Dr Margriet

AND ME! Dr Margriet van Nieuwburg MB BS IFMCP

I am the UK’s only fatigue recovery coach for women, a creator of online transformational health programmes, a qualified medical doctor, and a functional medicine practitioner.

It is my absolute passion to help women get out of fatigue and exhaustion and step into their highest energy to live a life full of purpose, vitality, and joy.

Read more about my approach to holistic health

Our chosen charity: Samaritans

Covid has shaken all of our lives and most of us are facing challenging times because of it. But who do you turn to when you can’t cope anymore? When you need help? Emotional support? When just someone listening would make the difference between you getting through that day, or not?

Samaritans are a team of carefully trained volunteers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s incredible, right? Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you.  They provide a safe place for anyone struggling to cope, whoever they are, however they feel, whatever life has done to them.

Every seven seconds someone calls Samaritans because they are in desperate need. 7 Seconds is probably less than the time it has taken you to read this.

For more information please visit www.samaritans.org


Donate to the samaritans


The cost of a call for help every month from someone struggling to cope. This could be someone’s mum or dad, someone’s child, someone’s grandparent. It could be you.


Could help recruit and train a volunteer to listen to around 12 people in need each day

Let’s do the run up to Christmas a little differently this year.
Together we can do this!


Do I have to join the FB group?

No, only if you want to, it is optional. The only thing is that this is the only place where you get access to the interviews and the fun inspirational live events – they will not be available anywhere else. Sorry!

What if I sign up late, will I still get the whole advent calendar?

You will get the daily dose of starting from the date you sign up. So the sooner you get in there, the more you will benefit!

Why is the calendar not free this year?

The HAC has been free for the last 2 years. But I am sure you will agree that this has been an extraordinary year and charities who do important work, like Samaritans, have not been able to do their usual fund raising. And we need these services! So this is your chance to make a real difference, share the love and get healthy all the same time.

Can I give more than £5?

Yes, the £5 is the minimum donation. This is the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee!! So please be generous, and help make a difference.

Can I share my Healthy Advent Calendar with others?

Well, yes you could, but in the spirit of generosity and community we ask that you invite your friends, colleagues, family members, to sign up in their own right. It’s only fair?

Are you getting any money from this?

No. As I said, every single penny you donate will go via ‘Just Giving’ directly to the Charity.

All the guest speakers are giving their time for free and here at Dr Margriet Health we are Funding all of the calendar set up costs. This is our way of ‘ paying it forward’ and helping you to get healthy and well at the same time.

Can’t wait to support you this December and get you to Christmas healthy, happy and supercharged!!

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