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2 Secret Health Weapons To Recover From Burnout

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Energy | 0 comments

secrets to recovering from burnout

Have you been suffering from burnout? Are you tired of trying different approaches and simply not getting the results you want? When all you want to do is enjoy each day and live the life you deserve and desire?

Recovering from burnout isn’t easy. We all want to live a big, successful life, don’t we? Well, to do that, we need big, successful health! So here are two of my secret, tried-and-tested health-optimisation weapons that will supercharge your health. Let’s get that energy and vitality right up there, to the shiny sky-high levels you’ve been dreaming of.

Secret Weapon 1: The Power of Group

We’re born alone and we die alone, but that doesn’t mean we have to do everything alone. In fact, we’re often happier and achieve more when we utilise the power of groups.

The key is finding the right group – one that is full of independent, intelligent women who want the best for you and will support, encourage and inspire you to achieve the results you deserve.

  • Your own knowledge and expertise, plus the knowledge of the group will stretch you far more than if you are working on your own. And that’s a huge part of what it will take to recover from burnout and become a better version of yourself.
  • On those really tough days, you have a support network who have your back. Their energy, ideas and encouragement will make difficult days feel a lot easier.
  • By sharing your knowledge and excitement, you’ll help others on their journey too. I promise it will leave you buzzing with more energy than you can imagine!
  • Going it alone can get lonely – in a group of women who understand what you are going through, you’ll enjoy the journey more, which will make it easier, meaning you’ll get bigger and better results.
  • Human beings want and need to be heard and supported. It’s part of our basic make-up: the need to feel significant. And we ALL have this need! No one gets out of this one. But when we don’t get this need met in healthy ways, we can sometimes turn to negative, less constructive ways to try and have our needs met.
  • And it’s not just me saying it! That we do better together. There is lots of research pointing to the fact this doing things in groups and communities results in better health and improved lifespan! You only need to think about the ‘blue zones’ in the world where they discovered that the secret to a long and healthy life isn’t high tech medicine, it’s the power of your community and the relationships and meaningful connections you enjoy.
  • We show up far bolder and braver when we are part of a group. This is because we see the examples of others and it inspires us. We think “If she can do it, then so can I”. The bottom line is that when we are part of a group we simply take bigger, bolder actions which means we get bigger, bolder results.

If this has made you think ‘I want to join a supportive group RIGHT NOW!’ then why not come and join my Facebook group: Recover Your Energy Naturally. This is a community of incredible women who are all about living a life full of energy and vitality! You’ll love it!

Secret Weapon 2: Coaching

You don’t know what you don’t know. The job of a coach is to hold up a mirror so you can see what your blind spots are, show you what you don’t know, where you’ve been stopping yourself and how you’ve been standing in the way of your own success.

A coach is the best person to do this – compared to family, friends, or even yourself – because they care about you, have your absolute best interest at heart and can be completely honest with you.

Still sceptical? These are just some of the amazing things you can get from a coach.

  • A coach will hold you to account, guide you, and nurture you. They will see the best version of you long before you will see it yourself. And they will truly believe in it and insist on it becoming your new reality. A coach will hold that vision for you until you can start to do it for yourself and believe in yourself.
  • They can help you to overcome the obstacles you face when recovering from burnout so that nothing slows down your progress to reclaiming your full health.
  • Through coaching, you can learn new ideas and approaches which are individually tailored to you. A coach has a huge toolkit and picks out exactly the right strategies, approaches and solutions to solve your problems quickly without you having to waste time testing lots of methods that aren’t appropriate.

If coaching sounds like what you have been missing in your life, then take a look at my 8-week energy recovery coaching programme, Energy Catalyst.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with burnout for years now, and you’ve tried so many things to recover you’ve lost count.

Maybe you’re feeling tired of having to try so hard all the time and dream of a way through all of this that really works and feels enjoyable and empowering.

Maybe you can picture your ideal life when you close your eyes but you want to see that when your eyes are open too! A life where you feel happy and rested when you wake up, you have good relationships, make decisions without feeling overwhelmed, and you go to sleep feeling proud of all you’ve achieved in the day and excited to wake up and enjoy tomorrow.

You CAN make this all happen, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. I promise! In fact, it can be really empowering and you may be surprised at how quickly you can actually achieve it when you utilise the two secret weapons of supportive groups and coaching.


Margriet xx


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