This package has it all: the full functional medicine consultation where we establish the diagnostics and create a personalised treatment plan  AND the support of coaching to give you the structure and guidance to put the natural treatments into place, so they truly work for you, in the context of your life.

So it looks like this:

  • 90-120 minute face to face in depth functional medicine assessment consultation
  • recommendations and a treatment plan
  • ordering of any functional medicine tests needed
  • 5 x 60 minute sessions of coaching and functional medicine individually tailored to you treatment plan.

Tests are charged in addition to the consultation fee.


“I was diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome about 15 years ago. I have been struggling to cope with it, especially the fatigue, the joint aches and also the lack of saliva in my mouth. Especially as I am an actor and a teacher. I had tried various things but nothing had really helped.

When I saw Dr Margriet’s post on FB about feeling tired, I decided to give the free 30 min session a go.  That’s how we started working together.

We worked on my diet in a very particular way so that it gave me more energy.  Margriet explained how things work in the body and I found that helped me connect more to my body, and understand why I was doing what I was doing.

When I did the gut healing work, I understood medically what I was doing and what I was aiming for. That definitely helped with motivation, because we are surrounded by food all the time!

My energy has tripled! I no longer feel fatigued. It has helped my mood. I feel brighter and I can’t remember the last time I noticed my joints hurt. I haven’t taken an anti-inflammatory since been working with Margriet.

We also looked at what I am passionate about and what is important to me.

For me it was my dream to create a speech and drama centre, working with the voice. Before I would think how can I do that with my fatigue? I would tell myself “I just can’t do that kind of thing”. But now I am making it happen! Whereas before I don’t think I would have done it and I had closed the door on it.

Thank you Dr Margriet for putting all this together. I really thought I was stuck and now I feel I can live my life again. And be who I really am. My health is so much better and I now feel confident about how to look after myself to keep it that way. It is a great feeling.

I would highly recommend this work to anyone.”

Susan Lockwood


Still not sure?

Its quite normal to have questions! Ask away, but here are some of the things people often ask me.

Its a lot of money!

Ok, so let me ask you this: how much money did you spend on your last holiday? On your car? Or if you added up all the money you’ve spent on books, equipment, courses and you’re still struggling…

We all resist spending money that is ‘just for me’. Because we are ace at telling ourselves ‘ I don’t deserve this’. We happily give stuff to other people: our time, money, energy, attention. You name it, we give it away without so much as a second glance. But when we think about spending that kind of money on ourselves we run for the hills!

And think about this: what is it costing you to stay stuck in this place? What is it costing you because you don’t have the energy to go for that promotion, or go self-employed and live your dream life? What is it costing you in clothes every time you diet and then put all the weight back on again. Oh, and what about those gym memberships…Yes, Ive been there!!

Don’t worry. Its quite normal to feel all of these things. I know I did. But I do know that having invested in my health, it has opened up my life again.

I don’t have time

Someone once told me this:“If you don’t make time for your health now, you will have to make time for being ill later”. That sounded so depressing, but it holds a truth. And it echoes with what we just said: we are so good at giving our time away, and feel guilty when we say no to others and spend that time on ourselves for a while.

“No, Margriet, you don’t understand, I really don’t have time”

Got it. So my question to you is this: If you don’t do it now, then when are you going to sort things out? Because your body is really letting you know it needs something else.

What if I can’t do it?

My clients usually admit to this a few sessions into the programme!! “I was so worried that I couldn’t do it, that it would be too hard”. But then they tell me how proud they are of what they have already achieved and how  excited they are about what is ahead. They felt exactly like you do now.

The thing in coaching is, its all about YOU. We start where you are, and we go at your pace. Its not about you obediently following a preset programme, it is about what YOU need, and we go from there.

What if I fail?
Life doesn’t come with guarantees, and neither does a coaching programme. But what i do know is that with support, with guidance, with your own personal cheerleader with you every step of the way, you are WAY MORE likely to SUCCEED, than if you go it alone. But it does take work and commitment on your part, and if I don’t feel you are ready to start working together, I will be very honest and tell you so. Because I want my clients to succeed.  I want YOU to shine brightly.