For the amazing woman who wants energy and vitality for life.

Food as medicine

30 Days to start healing your exhausted body (and avoid burnout)

Walk away with a new understanding, a clear action plan of simple doable steps and a ‘ toolkit for life’ to create the essential foundations for a wealth of energy, vitality and joy.

No more guesswork, no more trying things out by yourself and  no more ‘ hope and pray’.

Join me for this LIVE PROGRAMME to take you from feeling stuck in exhaustion to deep healing and active health recovery work in just 30 days.

The next programme starts Summer 2024

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Working with Margriet to overcome Long Covid has been transformative. I was battling severe fatigue and brain fog, but with her guidance, we’ve improved my sleep and bolstered my body’s recovery. Surprisingly, even though I thought my diet was already optimal, Margriet’s Food as Medicine program introduced me to a new level of nutritional awareness. In just two days, my skin improved and my eyes were more vibrant.. By the third day, I felt a surge of energy and a welcome return of my libido. A month into this journey, my cravings have gone and I am naturally making healthier choices. The program’s comprehensive support and insights have been invaluable. This isn’t just a diet—it’s a comprehensive reset for our bodies, enhancing their ability to heal and function optimally.

Kat Reynolds

West Yorkshire

I’ve just completed the 5-day intensive in the ‘ Food as Medicine’ programme and  I feel clean and rejuvenated from the inside out.  My clarity of mind improved as did a number of my health stats. I ate real food which I shopped for and cooked from scratch, no ultra-processed or pre-packed  food in this programme – and my shopping bill for the week was less than half – bonus!  The accountability group and Dr Margriet kept me sane and supported.  I’ve taken away so much information about my body and how to help her heal from the inside; I’m enthusiastic and hopeful about what the future holds.  Gift yourself the time and wellbeing benefits of taking part.

Angela Adams


At first I was  scared and worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage it because I have been so tired and with bad brain fog for so long, But I was fine! This 5 day intensive has taught me that I am capable and my body can manage. I had moments of clarity I haven’t felt for a long time and I would be happy to do this again. And my sleep is so much better!

Karen Hill


The 5-day intensive reset is an amazing experience.  I am thriving with ‘incurable’ cancer and was very excited to try the food as medicine approach as I knew it could help my body.  The support from Dr Margriet  was incredible, she was there every step of the way preparing us, explaining the benefits of the process and encouraging us throughout.  The recipes were super easy and the food was my type of food (lots of vegetables and fresh food).  Afterwards I felt every cell in my body had had a refresh.  I was so happy to have gifted myself the commitment of this 5 day experience.  I immediately re-committed to another session when advisable for me to do so.  Thanks so much Dr Margriet!

Sophie Foulger


drmargriet pics

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

If we haven’t met before, I’m Dr Margriet van Nieuwburg, the Energy Transformation Queen, and I help midlife women feel energised and inspired by giving them the tools they need to get out of feeling tired all the time, stuck and in overwhelm.

As a NHS GP and Functional medical doctor, I have helped hundreds of women reclaim their energy and vitality, I am passionate about helping you transform your health from the inside out and from the ground up …..And in a way that feels easy and do-able.

So, whether you want to simply stop the energy crashes, have more consistent energy or energy to set the world on fire, I can help you achieve your health goals through simple shifts. 

❤️By starting with you and what your health truly needs.

❤️By understanding what really moves the needle when it comes to having more energy

❤️And doing it all by becoming more of who you truly are

Which means:

⚡No more beating yourself up for not having figured it out

⚡No more fad diets, harsh exercise programmes or endless supplements.

⚡No more resting and a ‘hope and pray’ approach to your most precious resource: your energy.

Welcome to the 30 day programme Food as Medicine.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this work!

Dr M.