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Why Change Is The Only Answer To Ditching Fatigue

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Most of us know quite a lot about healthy habits. We know how to eat healthily, how to exercise, or that we need to get plenty of sleep. We have probably tried being a healthy weight and many of us have been on a diet (or two or three!) at some point in our life.

The truth is that for most of us, we can do these things for a while, but then it is hard to sustain the effort and eventually, we give up because either it is just too hard and/or we are not getting the results we want.

But did you know that when we want to stop feeling so tired all the time, when we want to ditch the fatigue and put our energy levels back up to where they belong, i.e. sky-high, then those kinds of healthy habits are not going to do the trick?

What got you here is not what will get you out.

And here is why: because what got you to this place in your health is NOT what will get you out of this. It’s as simple as that!

Imagine one of those ancient working mills where they used to have a pony that was tethered to the machinery. The pony would walk round and round all day long and keep the machinery turning – keeping the mill, or whatever the set up was, on the go. The pony would wear a track in the ground with its hooves that would get deeper and deeper each day.

The course is set: the pony would just go round the same circle it did yesterday, last week and last month. If we want that pony to stop going round and round the same circle, we have to untether it from its harness and set it off on a new path to follow.

Same with your health: if you want a new outcome, you have to do something different. You have to untether yourself from your current habits, beliefs and tactics.

Doing what you always did, no matter how sensible it was, how practical, how well-intentioned, or how hard you tried,  is not what will get you a new outcome. This is not what will get you out of fatigue and back into incredible energy, because if it worked, you’d already have the results, wouldn’t you?

What you really need is a new approach

So what are you going to do instead?

What you really need is a new approach, a new system, a new way of looking at your health and strategies and steps that you can take, that are known to help people recover their energy.

In my clinical work over the last few years, I’ve helped over a hundred women recover from fatigue. And when I look back on all of their journeys, it’s clear that some strategies worked miracles for one person and did nothing for someone else! We are all unique and what will work well for one person isn’t necessarily right for another person.

But all of that said, what I have found is that there are certain strategies that move the needle every single time. They create results for everyone.

So whilst it’s true that there are hundreds of approaches out there that can support energy recovery work, there are certain pieces of work that produce results every single time. Certain approaches that work like magic. I like to call those the powerhouses of energy recovery work

The powerhouses of energy recovery work

I’ve taken just over 20 of the most effective of these strategies, the powerhouses of energy recovery work, and put them all together into a brand new program called The Energy Catalyst. And not only that, I have stacked each of the steps in exactly the right order so that you quickly and effectively start to recover your energy, right from the get-go.

In this program, I will take you through the exact steps you need and show you how to nurture your body, your heart and your mind so that you stop losing so much energy. And then I’m going to show you how to create energy, slowly steadily and consistently, so that you rebuild those energy reserves. And ultimately you will get to the point where you will be able to create energy with ease and confidence any time you want. It’s that simple!

The secret is that we use a truly holistic approach to energy creation. What this means is that you will learn how to create energy on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Working on all of these areas is essential for creating the synergy that can cause an explosion of energy, joy and vitality!

  1. Mental energy
    This is all about understanding your beliefs and your mindsets and how to harness these for powerful energy creation. We will work on aligning your beliefs with who you really are and the life you want to live.
  2. Physical energy
    This is all about supporting your body with the kind of food, movement, rest, and sleep that will really put the rocket fuel back into your system. We will use powerful functional medicine principles to restore balance, support your physical systems and promote physical resilience. I like to call this my special secret weapon!
  3. Emotional energy
    This is all about how to access your joy, motivation, and happiness.
  4. Spiritual energy
    You will learn how to align yourself to your higher purpose, create a vision for your health and your life and learn higher-self practices to support this.

What I really want you to get from this is that if you know the strategies that really move the needle, if you do them through a framework of holistic energy, health creation, then magic happens.

Now, all of that might sound like a lot because this program is literally only eight weeks long. Yes, really!!

What I have found is that if you combine a step-by-step system that really works, incredible coaching, and the right kind of support, accountability and nurture – all of it together can be put into one incredibly powerful transformation experience.

There’s nothing magic about this. These are all steps that any woman can take so that she can recover her energy levels.

Let’s face it, if others have done it then so can you.

Are you ready for this powerful transformational experience?

Now that you understand what it takes to get out of fatigue, you can’t just go back to your old ways! So many women I speak to, who are suffering with fatigue, think that the answer lies in having another go at exercising a bit more or having (yet) another go at losing some weight. OR whatever their healthy habit of choice is. PLEASE don’t let that be you!

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great healthy habits, BUT if you are serious about getting out of fatigue and exhaustion, the old ways will simply not work. We must ‘untether our pony from the mill’ and set it free onto a new path. One that means travelling in a new direction and using a new approach.

So if you are reading this and feel you’re ready to start your journey of powerful energy recovery work, then I have something for you.

Here is a powerful 50-minute FREE masterclass setting out the exact 5 steps I use with my clients to support them to energy recovery.

Click here to watch the FREE masterclass

So grab a cuppa, pen and paper and sit somewhere where you can take it all in!


Dr Margriet xx


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