The busy woman’s guide to setting powerful intentions

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woman looking in mirror setting intentions for herself
We are all familiar with setting goals, especially when it comes to our health. Goals like, I want to…

  • Lose 2 stone by Christmas
  • Run a 5k race for charity next summer
  • Get my size 12 body back by the new year
  • Stop drinking alcohol for a month
  • Get my energy back so I can run around with my kids.

These are all truly worthwhile projects, goals and ideas. You absolutely need to be going for what excites you BUT…. (you knew this was coming didn’t you?!)… so often we start these projects and we don’t finish! If that’s happened to you, please remember to be kind to yourself. 

There are so many reasons why, despite being super excited to reach that goal, you just didn’t make it.

🦋  It might be that you get past the initial flush of enthusiasm and then you lose interest. 

🦋  Or somehow, after a few weeks, life gets in the way and it becomes a battle to find the time to take care of your health in the way you had imagined. 

🦋  Perhaps you feel horribly overwhelmed and you just can’t get going in the way you’d wanted to.

🦋  Or you’re putting in the effort but then it starts to suck the life out of you and you feel like it’s all about the goal and you start wondering, ‘what happened to the fun, the joy, the feeling good?!’ 

Here’s the thing. Goals are the ultimate delayed gratification. You only get to feel good right at the end of a long, difficult journey when you actually reach your ‘goal’. And this is where things can fall down. 

Which begs the question, is there another way? One where you get to enjoy the journey as much as the destination? Where you get to love really taking care of yourself, nurturing your health to be the best it can possibly be?

The answer is a big YES! We can absolutely do our health creation projects in another way!


Welcome to setting powerful intentions!

I would love to introduce you to the idea of setting powerful intentions. This is quite different to ‘goals’ as it takes a much broader view of the what, why and how of your health creation projects. Or any other areas in your life for that matter!!

We are familiar with setting goals. SMART goals, big-hairy-audacious goals (BHAGS) and all that good stuff. And there is nothing wrong with any of that, but….

Intentions are SO much more powerful!!

Learning to ‘be intentional’ is about the heart and soul of why you do what you do each and every day. 

So, what exactly are ‘intentions’ and how do these differ from simply setting a goal? 

In a nutshell, intentions are:

✔️ Goals with soul
Ultra clarity about exactly what you want and what’s involved
Why you want the goal
How you want to FEEL

A ‘goal’ is simply a destination, an endpoint, a direction of travel. And that is important to have, because you absolutely need to know what it is you are aiming for. However, if you combine a clear goal with powerful intentions, I promise you, you will enjoy your health creation projects far more and have a greater chance of success.

Let’s dive a little deeper into things so that you can set your own intentions easily and with confidence. This will help you to enjoy the success in your health that you deserve.



So, you have your goal or ambition of how you’d like your health to be. For most of us this is usually a big ‘overarching’ idea

Now it’s time to get your ultra-clarity dialed up to 11! 

Getting really clear is all about diving right down into the details. It’s fun and exciting to do, and it will turn your ‘goal’ into a much more vibrant, colourful and exciting vision of what it is that you are really after.

To get started, I want you to walk yourself through this mini checklist:

🌈 What exactly is it that I want to achieve. Go into detail! Write it down. Maybe collect images, words, and inspirational quotes.

🌈 What is the absolute best way for me to do this so that I have fun and enjoy it every step of the way?

🌈 When will I do this? Plan the time and look for the opportunities that support you and avoid the bottle necks.

🌈 What do I need to set me up for success? Maybe you need to do a little research, check out a few different options, plan the best time to start your project.

🌈 What support do I need? You might be fine going it alone, or you might want some support, someone else to share the journey with. But ask yourself the question: what will make this the easiest and most enjoyable experience I can possibly make?

Some projects are great for that ‘do it yourself’ approach, other projects are too big / too long / too complicated to do by yourself. Be honest about that, because it’s absolutely OK to ask friends or family for support, or to realise that you might need to invest in some support. 

If your project is getting out of fatigue and exhaustion and getting your energy back on track once and for all, then take a look at my blog post which sets out the 4 powerhouses of energy recovery work. Focusing on these 4 areas is essential for creating the synergy that can cause an explosion of energy, joy and vitality!


Your ‘Why’

We rarely stop to think about why we really and truly want to do a particular health project. Usually it’s more a case of us reacting to something. 

🌟 Maybe you see a photo of yourself and you think ‘OK that needs to change’.

🌟 Maybe it’s a conversation with friend when you realise that enough is enough, you are ready to change the way you show up in your health.

🌟 Maybe you catch yourself in the mirror one day and you just don’t like what you see.

🌟 Maybe it’s seeing another woman looking radiant, confident and ‘together’ and you think ‘I want that too’.

🌟 Maybe it’s your doctor telling you that you’re prediabetic, or you worry that you might be.

Usually there is a moment, a trigger of some sort, that really connects us with where things are at and we decide that something just has to change, we need to take action!

And it’s true- you do have to take action if you want to uplevel your health and wellbeing in any shape or form. But instead of throwing yourself head long into a project, spend a few minutes figuring out your why.

It’s super easy. Just walk yourself through these 5 questions and you will soon figure it out!

  1. What difference will it make to my health right now?
  2. What difference will it make to my life in the next 3-6 months? 
  3. What difference will it make to my relationships?
  4. What difference will it make to my overall future
  5. What will become possible if I take care of this thing?


How you want to feel

The truth is that we are far more motivated by how we feel than by a particular outcome. It’s the feeling the outcome will give you that really matters. That is the thing we really want.

Here are some examples of goals and the feelings that are the real reason you want this goal.

Lose 2 stoneLight, beautiful, sexy, powerful, womanly
Run 5 k in 3 monthsIn control, strong, relaxed in your body, energised, capable
Be T-total for a monthClear, energised, optimised, sharp
Have more energyFun, joy, connection, engaged, like the real you, focused, motivated








Before you start your next project or even if you have already started a health project, just take 5 minutes to think about how it is that you really want to FEEL both during the project and when you get to the ‘goal’. 

Getting intentional for life

Are you ready to start setting those powerful intentions? By embracing the practice of setting powerful intentions in your health projects, you are setting your world up for some incredible changes! 


✔️ Ultra clarity about exactly what you want and what’s involved
Why you want the goal
How you want to FEEL
So that you can create goals with real soul
You have FUN, feel POWERFUL and live your TRUTH

Combining gorgeous goals with ultra clarity, plus really understanding your ‘why’ and knowing exactly how you want to feel will have you setting powerful intentions for your health projects. And this will ensure that success is just around the corner!

Is your goal for 2021 to have way more energy, joy and vitality in your health and in your life? If you are ready to ditch the fatigue and the exhaustion you’ve been carrying around with you all this time, let’s have a chat and see if I can help you!

You can also read more about my approach to powerful energy recovery work right here.




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