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5 Steps To Boost Your Energy Levels Without Going To The Gym

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Energy | 2 comments

boost your energy levels

Truth: most professional women are dedicated, super hard-working, multi-tasking powerhouses. Usually they have at least 20 plates spinning at the same time! They do it all. They take care of the kids, make sure there’s food in the house, she cooks, cleans, shops, tidies, sifts and sorts, runs the family social calendar and …. (deep breath!) She works hard at her job, often in a part-time capacity, at part-time pay but with full-time commitments and expectations.

We do it all, we give of our very best every single day without holding back, and we set high standards. And we do all of that day in day out, year on year.

No wonder that deep down, the honest truth is that we feel tired and run down. We struggle to feel truly well, happy and energised. 

So how do you boost your energy levels when your plate is already so full? When you fear that adding one more thing to the ‘ to-do’ list will tip you over the edge?

Raising your energy levels and getting out of fatigue is not as hard as you might think. But it takes a certain approach, a bit of a mindset shift, and an openness to trying ‘let’s get a bit more healthy’ in a new way. 

Here are my top 5 recommendations to boost your energy levels – for the busy professional woman.


1) You are your most valuable asset

Professional modern woman 101: you are your most valuable asset. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Think about it: you are the inspiration, the brains, the action taker, the organizer, the creator of brilliant ideas, plans and projects in your life and the life of your family, friends and colleagues.

Often you are also the cook, cleaner, admin bod and worker bee as well as brilliant mum, friend and daughter. It’s all part of a good honest day’s work in the life of the modern professional woman.

So with all that lot on your plate, who do you think is THE MOST IMPORTANT person to look out for? 

So this means in practice we need to shift our mindset. Instead of ‘everyone and everything else first, then me’, the new mantra is ‘First me, then everyone else’. Yes, I really do want you to put your oxygen mask on first!

What this means for your health is that we don’t want to push through, plow on and put on a brave face, regardless. To boost your energy levels, you need to pivot your attention and start giving some time, focus, and liberty to yourself. 

Think of this as an investment: the better you make this shift and the earlier you make it, the more energy you will have, the happier you will feel in the long run and everyone else will benefit! If feeling guilty is your poison, then think of it like this: you are really doing it for them!

Without you being at your best, your health, your life, your family, your relationships and your kids, will all suffer. 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, then double down on this one, because this one really is make or break. Don’t wait until fatigue, exhaustion and burnout catches up with you!

Your business will suffer, your clients will suffer and ultimately, so will your success

So start today. Your health first, then being a kickass professional, business owner, entrepreneur etc. I promise you, the time you invest in yourself will be the best investment you ever make in you, your personal life and your professional life.

DO NOT WAIT until your energy is on the floor, until you feel depleted, exhausted or burnout. It is a false economy. 


2) The ‘Brilliant’ Book

This is all about learning how to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate your own greatness. Every single day. 

Most of us grew up with the idea of ‘don’t boast’ and ‘don’t show off’ or even something along the lines of ‘who do you think you are’. And what that means in practice is that we hide our light, we keep ourselves small, and not worthy of praise, reward, proper pay, or promotion.

But I have to ask you: how does it truly benefit us to buy into that way of thinking? Does it help you to thrive, to shine, to share your gifts with the world? Probably not…

And if we don’t first claim our own greatness, then who will? 

The ‘Brilliant Book’ is a daily practice that you can do anytime anywhere. It is about recognising where you shine, where you are strong, where you are powerful, where you are compassionate, where you are kickass and a rockstar! It is essential to life as a modern day professional woman that you own your greatness. That you claim it and use it to fuel your dream of showing up as the best version of you every single day. 

Start small, e.g. 5 mins a day and see how it goes. Go on, I dare you!


3) Focus!

Life will always pull us in a million different directions. If we try to ‘do it all’ we will end up feeling scattered, depleted, trying to please everyone and end up pleasing no one. And with that approach, not only will your energy suffer, but also your productivity and your passion for what you do and the life you really want to live.

So it is important to focus. To say yes only to those things that are truly aligned with what you are all about, what is important to you and to only allow the stuff onto your to do list that will genuinely move the needle forward. 

It takes courage to let go of stuff. Because we are so wired to try to ‘do it all. But trust me, you don’t have to do it all to be successful. So here is my invitation for you. I am giving you permission to let go of anything that’s not aligned, not necessary, not beneficial to your goals, your dreams and your ambitions. No matter how shiny the object, no matter how much you feel compelled to be a good girl and please everyone.

Being in focus starts with clarity. So your first job is getting clear on your goals, and then a list of everything that currently sits on your plate. Cross off anything that is not aligned with your goals, that can be done by someone else instead of you, and work out the non-negotiables. 


4) White space

White space is that all important downtime. Time where you can get a fresh perspective, refresh and reset, and boost your energy levels. I can hear you saying, what downtime? Exactly my point. Most of us don’t give ourselves a break, and even when there is a slight lull in the proceedings, we rarely protect that from the time stealers e.g. social media, TV, etc.

You can think of white space like this: think of a piece of music that you love. There are the notes and then there are the spaces between the notes. If you take away the spaces between the notes, it’s a noisy mess that you never want to listen to.

Same with your life. If there are ‘no spaces between the notes’ as it were, you end up with a deafening cacophony that’s unbearable. 

We need the pauses, the spaces between the notes, ebb and flow, the time to do nothing, to mull stuff over. So it is time to claim your white space, the space between the notes of your song. 

Start small: see if you can set aside a 30-minute window for yourself this week. Literally make an appointment with yourself. Put it in your diary and call it white space. 

If you run flat out, you’ll burnout. We are simply not designed for non-stop performance, being on it 24/7. And even if you think you are the exception to that rule, and you have got away with it until now, please go back to step number 1: You are your most valuable asset. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


5) Ultra-selfcare

We are great at caring for everyone and everything else. But how good are we really at taking the very best care of ourselves?

Here is a list of my top 5 self-care practices that I know are the most important when it comes to keeping your energy, vitality and joy sky high:

Protect your sleep like a Lioness

Sleep is the holy grail of health, heal and repair, detox, sanity, and optional cognitive functioning. Skimp on your sleep and you’ll soon know about it. Here’s how to optimise your sleep.

Super hydration

Most of us don’t drink enough and it is such an easy fix AND it makes a huge difference to helping you boost your energy levels. 

So if this is you then sign up for your very own copy of the 7 Day Super Hydration Challenge, and get your body water shiny and sparkling.

Eat real whole foods

Avoiding high sugary foods and processed stuff will get you a long way towards the kind of nutrition that supports your energy levels instead of depleting them. Here’s more about healthy eating.


Do I need to spell this one out? Truth? Most of us shallow breathe using only a fraction of our lung capacity. SO get into breathing. Start simple – try taking 3 deep breaths every time you go to the loo, or for a walk.


Sitting at the computer or a desk all day kills off your brain cells faster than being a chain smoker. Yikes!! So walk, stretch, get a standup desk, do whatever you have to do to make sure you are not parked on your beautiful derriere all day long.


It’s the work of a lifetime

If you boost your energy levels you will operate at a higher frequency, which means you will attract more of what you really want into your life and in your work and business. 

Energy vitality and joy are the bedrock of any healthy successful life. Taking care of your health starts today, and it starts with having the right attitude, the right mindset and the right approach. 

Beautiful vibrant high frequency health and energy is the work of a lifetime. We are so used to a ‘fix it when it goes wrong’ approach. But in my personal and professional experience, this is truly a false economy. Time spent now on your health is the best investment you will ever make, for you, your work life and for your family life. Because a high energy, happy you, creates happiness and abundance for all those around you. Your partner, your kids, your colleagues, your work. Everything is affected by how we show up on a day to day basis. 

So I hope you are inspired by my recommendations on how to boost your energy levels!!

If you are ready to take your health to the next level, to enjoy high energy, high frequency living every single day, book a call with me to see how I can help you.


Dr Margriet xx


  1. Joan

    Good morning, hope you are well! I know when we spoke you thought I wasn’t ready,Iam you have inspired me give me that kick ass I needed.Good news Dave is getting his first Cataract done on the 25 th of November then hopefully the other one will follow 3 weeks after,this means we have to self isolate for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, I am prepared for that. I intend to go out my gate very early when no one about 3 minutes to the beach and have a walk masked up and return taking off my outside clothes and leaving them in the ou house, and use this time to dedicate some time to work in progress, time for Dave’s needs and get creative which I enjoy and important time for me rest and some pampering, so take a big pat on the bank you have helped me.I know you are busy and this is a bit long winded but I thought it was important to let you know. PS, still haven’t got the hydration email. Thank you Joan McIsaac.

    • Margriet

      It was a pleasure to speak with you Joan and Im so glad our conversation has helped you to move forwads!! You can try registering for the hydration challenge again – Ive just checked the link and its definitely working!!


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