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Beat Adrenal Fatigue by Putting on Your Superhero Cape

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Energy | 4 comments

woman jumping with energy

There’s a little known secret to beating adrenal fatigue once and for all AND creating the health and life of your dreams. So if right now you are struggling with recovering your energy levels, knowing this insider secret could make all the difference between success and failure.

Imagine your life without adrenal fatigue: waking up bright and shiny every morning, plenty of energy all day long and really enjoying your life, your work and your relationships. I am talking about ditching the exhaustion, letting go of that constant sense of depletion, and eliminating that feeling like your body is wading through treacle. 

Once you know this secret and you put it into place, you’ll see your energy levels soar and taking care of your adrenal fatigue will become a doddle. Your recovery journey will be easy, truly enjoyable and fill you with confidence.

Ready for that version of you? It’s time to put on your superhero cape, it’s time for transformation.

“I just need to know what to do”

Most people who are stuck in adrenal fatigue think that the answer lies in having more information. They are trying to figure out what to do, what to eat, which supplements are best, what is the best exercise programme to help. They scour the internet for reviews on this and that. They try the latest food trend – vegan, keto, fasting. They are looking for the magic answer.

The big secret is that knowing what to do, knowing what steps to take and so on, is only one small part of the answer you are looking for. Information is only about 20% of what it’s going to take to get you to beat your adrenal fatigue once and for all. 

What you really need is the other 80% of the puzzle. Let me introduce you to the other dimension that has, more than likely, been the missing piece in your health recovery journey so far. It’s time to put on your superhero cape. It’s time for transformation.

The missing piece in the health journey

So what do we mean by transformation? 

Transformation is fundamentally about the HOW: 

  • How you approach your health and your life
  • How you build and nurture that relationship to yourself and your self-care
  • How you set up your thoughts, beliefs and ideas
  • How you show up to the work so that you get the results you want.

In adrenal fatigue recovery work there are 2 major areas to focus on, if you want to play the transformation game.

The transformation game

1. The power of your mind

This is all about shifting your thoughts and beliefs, so that they are fully aligned with the outcome you want.

One mistake I see people make over and over again when they are trying to fix their adrenal burnout is that they hold onto old stories, patterns, beliefs and values. Their operating system is effectively sabotaging and blocking the way forward.

Let’s check this out. Does your ‘operating system’ tell you things like:

  • It’s not possible for me
  • It’s going to be hard
  • This will be a long hard struggle
  • Nothing ever works for me
  • I can’t really have what I want, can I?
  • I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked for me

If all of that ‘old’ patterning is left to run the show, guess what happens? Instead we need to focus on the beliefs that align with who you really want to be, the kind of health you really want, and your life purpose. 

Just to show you how this works, let’s take an example from the field of medicine. The placebo effect is one example of how powerful your mind really is. 

There was a study carried out that focused on two groups of people with arthritis. The people in these two groups were equal in their pain levels and how their arthritis affected their daily life. 

They were each given the same looking tablet for 14 days, and they were all told the same thing about the tablet. That “this is the latest wonder drug for arthritis” and it’s going to make them feel so much better. One group were given tablets with active ingredients while the other was given an identical-looking tablet, but which was in fact, a dummy tablet with no active ingredients. 

After 14 days the pain scores in both groups improved hugely. The group with the active ingredient, improved marginally more. But the biggest shift came from believing that it was going to work. In other words, from activating the power of your mind.

So now you can start to see just how powerful your mind is. And when you actively use transformational processes like capturing the power of your mind in your health recovery journey, miracles can happen.

2. The power of your identity

Your identity is who you are being.

We all have access to many qualities. Some qualities will help you to shine, and step into a bigger, bolder version of you. For example qualities like courage, compassion, grace, power, intelligence, being organised. These are our superhero qualities.

There are other qualities that take us in the opposite direction. Qualities like fear, shame, guilt, anxiousness, doubt and worthlessness. 

Consciously choosing the identity that you want to stand in is a key aspect of transformation.

So are you ready to take action? 

Are you ready to put on your superhero cape?

Are you ready to put on your superhero cape and start creating ease and joy around your adrenal recovery journey? 

Here is an exercise for you to try to get us a flavour of what I’m talking about, when it comes to standing in your superhero identity.

Step 1: Think about a time when you were facing some challenges in your life. When you had to dig really deep to find the strength and resourcefulness to come through those challenges. 

For example, it might have been when you were parenting young children and you were still trying to hold down a job, even with lack of sleep. It might’ve been a time when you were struggling with relationship issues and still had to show up in your job bright and shiny. It might have been a time when you were struggling financially and had to make ends meet. It might have been a time when your health was really at a low.

Step 2: Think about the qualities you had to bring to the table to get you through that situation.

 for these are some of the examples. 

Was it:

➔ Joy

➔ Determination

➔ Courage

➔ Gratitude

➔ Creative

➔ Resourceful

Step 3: Make a clear list of at least 3 qualities that you show up with, any time life gets a bit challenging. These are your superhero power qualities. Circle your top favourite quality- something about yourself that you really like and feel good about.

Step 4: Now you are ready to bring this quality into your adrenal fatigue recovery.

As an example, let’s say your superhero quality is gratitude. Think about what you can be more grateful for in your health recovery journey. 

What is the situation showing you, teaching you? 

  • How can tackling the situation benefit you? 
  • What good things have already happened or could happen if you fixed the fatigue and reclaimed your very best health and energy levels?
  • How can gratitude help you to hold a powerful vision for your complete recovery?

We can choose to be ungrateful, resentful, blaming situations or people for our state of health. Or we can step into massive gratitude, and decide to move forwards. I promise you that travelling the journey of adrenal fatigue recovery will be a lot more enjoyable, easier and confidence building, if you approach it from your superhero qualities.

You can think of consciously and deliberately stepping into your superhero qualities like putting on your superhero cape!

Your superhero is always there

The superhero qualities you have now identified are always there for you. You don’t have to create them. You just need to activate them.

I hope that you now feel a bit more hopeful about your adrenal fatigue journey and that information is only one small part of what it takes to fix your health. Information will only take you so far with your recovery journey. What is far more powerful is how you use that information, how you show up in your mindset and in your superhero identity. 

If you are ready to start your journey of transformation and sort out your adrenal fatigue once and for all, then let’s have a chat.

Click here to book a FREE 30 minute call. On that call, we’ll get crystal clear on exactly where you are right now, what’s working and what’s not, and where you want to go. And if that is something I can help you with, then together we will lay out a powerful plan to move you forwards. 

This plan is going to enable you to reclaim your energy levels …and all that this means for your health and your life.

It’s superhero cape time!!

Dr Margriet x

PS: This is NOT for everybody. 

Here is who I can help:

  1. You need to be deeply committed and ready to start this powerful recovery work

Just to be super clear: if we get on the phone, which is a free call, and I offer to work with you, then I need you to be ready to go all in and commit to doing the work.

  1. You MUST be an action taker.
  2. You MUST be a big-hearted woman who values making a difference in the world.

That’s it! If you meet ALL THREE of these requirements, we’re good and I would love to hear from you.


  1. Allison

    I have a 37 yo dtr who has recently been dx with a childhood brain disorder. Because of her struggles she chose street drugs for 20 years to try and fit in. The symptoms were subtle enough and masked with street drugs that when she lived with anyone she functioned but now on her own we see she cannot function. So, my traits have always been persistence and patience. I feel a sence of fun now ,,,going to my weekly visit with my dtr. She has a super hero. On the days i want to give up i will think of my smile on my face today as i think of myself as a super hero. Chuckle chuckle

    • Margriet

      Oh wow, so glad this has helped you cope better with life’s challenges! Its so worrying when our children arent well. x

  2. Marilyne

    Hi Margriet! I don’t know if you remember, (we spoke on the phone last summer) but I live in Montreal with a big depression and fatigue since 13 years, and I contacted a doctor in functional medicine locally and it gave me a lot of hope. I spoke to her this week and she seems very competent and I am hopeful we can improve some of my symptoms. Thank you!

    • Margriet

      Thats so great to hear Marilyne!!! Thanks for letting me know


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