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Feeling Tired All the Time? Knowing The Basics of Active Energy Recovery Work Can Help You

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You’re stuck in fatigue, again. And you’re sick and tired of it. You don’t want it running your life anymore. This is not who you really are or what you are all about. Not even close.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

So many people are stuck in the cycle of fatigue. You know the one – you wake up feeling tired, you want to grab a coffee for that instant boost it can give you but you know you shouldn’t so instead you drink some water and try and do some meditation because you’ve heard that can help. You get through your day as best you can but you know that you’re not giving the best of you to yourself or others, and that upsets and angers you. By the end of the day, you are so anxious and frustrated it can take an age to fall asleep. And then you go through it all again the next day, and the one after that…

This cycle almost starts to feel normal, and you try to put it down to work stress or family life but deep down you know that this just can’t continue any longer.

So it’s time to try a new approach. But what does that look like? Where do you even start?

This is a question I’m often asked, so I thought I’d set out for you what my ‘energy recovery system’ looks like.

The basic principles of an energy recovery system

First, let’s look at the basic principles of what a great ‘energy recovery system’ looks like and then we will go a bit deeper into it.

Step 1: Get ultra-clear on exactly what you want and why.

Yes, the aim is to get out of fatigue, feeling stuck, always tired and all that comes with that. But we also need to work out exactly where we are going. What does your life look like on the other side of this problem? If you don’t know exactly where you are heading, it’s super easy to get lost in the middle somewhere, and never quite get the results and the outcomes you are looking for.

Step 2: Figure out EXACTLY what you’ve been doing to drain your energy down! 

Sometimes we already know what is causing us to power down, but it’s useful to dig a little deeper and get ALL of the holes in the bucket fixed. Because if you only fix 9 out of the 10 holes in a leaking bucket, you’ve still got a leaking bucket, right?

Step 3: FIX IT!

We are going to get you growing your energy levels, slowly, steadily, consistently. I do this in a really special and specific way, using a holistic functional medicine approach.

It will take real commitment and resourcefulness to put this work into place but once you develop a strong, consistent practice, you will get to the point where this is your new normal. And then all you need to decide is how much energy you want!! 

Taking a holistic approach!

In my experience, it is never any one thing that truly ‘fixes’ fatigue. There is no magic bullet sadly. While there’s no simple strategy that just takes care of it all, there are specific approaches and certain pieces of work that move the needle every single time on the energy recovery dial.

The first and, in my personal opinion, the most important approach is to take a truly holistic approach. What that means is a way of working that includes physical energy creation strategies, but also teaches you how to create energy on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. And that’s a key distinction to understand.

How many times have you thought, why aren’t these supplements working?

How often have you felt frustrated because you are eating healthily and taking good care of your body so why are you still feeling rubbish?

How often have you stared at the scales and wondered why is it so hard to lose weight? And even when you do, it just all piles straight back on the moment you turn your back. 

It’s because you are focusing on only one dimension: the physical stuff. It’s much more powerful and effective to work across all 4 modalities at the same time: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Working on all of these areas is essential for creating the synergy that can cause an explosion of energy, joy and vitality!

What are the different types of energy?

In my experience, most women don’t really know what I mean with terms like ‘emotional energy creation’. Here’s some more detail on what the different types of energy are:

  1. Mental energy: This is all about understanding your beliefs and your mindsets and how to harness these for powerful energy creation. You can think of it like updating your operating system: if your ‘operating system’ is sending out the wrong messages, your whole system will continue to struggle with itself and you will stay stuck in repeating old patterns, driven by out of date messages. If you don’t take care of the mental energy creation pieces, getting your energy back with ease and confidence will be an uphill battle that you will more than likely lose.
  1. Physical energy: this is all about supporting your body with the kind of food, movement, rest, and sleep that will really put the rocket fuel back into your system. This is where specific and targeted functional medicine principles really help to restore balance, support your physical systems and promote physical resilience.
  1. Emotional energy: This is all about how to access your joy, motivation, and happiness. When we are stuck in fatigue, it becomes hard to feel joy, to connect to a natural feeling of happiness, to feel motivated and excited by life. Instead, we feel low, depressed, hopeless, and simply can’t get going.
  1. Spiritual energy: this is all about aligning yourself to your higher purpose and to your why. Fatigue forces us to play small, to contract and restrict our hopes and dreams. So we need to reconnect to our natural state of expansion, growth and abundance.

Working with all of these areas is one of the approaches that I use with my clients, and it creates incredible results.

The Functional Medicine approach to energy creation

This is the final ‘layer’ of my system. There is always a reason why our bodies become depleted of energy, and Functional Medicine looks at the physical aspect of our health as a series of functioning physiological systems, and when we restore balance to those systems, the body can heal really quickly and effectively.

So as part of our energy restoration work we need to look at things like supporting gut health, balancing our hormone systems, detoxification systems and inflammatory systems, amongst others.

Ultimately, balancing out these systems means that our intracellular energy creations systems are fully and effectively supported.  This is what I call The Mito Method and you can read all about that here.


Many people are stuck in a cycle of fatigue and feel hopeless in ever being able to change this. I hope that, after reading about my system and work, you now feel excited, optimistic and determined about living a life without fatigue.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a life full of energy and excitement, my 50-minute FREE masterclass setting out the 5 steps I use with my clients to support them to energy recovery is the place to start.

Click here to watch the FREE masterclass

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and sit somewhere where you can take it all in!


Dr Margriet xx

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    This sounds good but doesn’t take EBV into account
    I’ve had M.S. for 25 yrs.


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