When it comes to our health, we all do our best don’t we?  We try to be ‘sensible’ most of the time, and then indulge a little on the high days and holidays. No harm done.

Or is there? Because the truth is we are good at ignoring those subtle signs our body is sending us, telling us all is not well. It’s the tiredness in the morning or the aches and pains when you’ve been sitting for a while. It’s the pounds creeping on, or the fact you catch every cold and bug going round, and you don’t seem to recover as easily. Or you just don’t have the energy you used to have, and you put it down to age, work, kids….

And if we ignore those ‘creeping’ signs for long enough, we might be lucky and get away with it. But if like me, you find that suddenly it all goes downhill and your health has got up and gone, it’s no joke.

In 2015 I had my own perfect storm, and a health crash that stopped me from working for a whole year….

But we will get to that in a moment.


From being a little girl, my big dream was to be creative: at age 12 the dream was to be a ballet dancer, then it turned to being an artist, then a musician. I loved anything that was creative and expressive. But my story took a different turn. I am the daughter of first generation Dutch immigrants and with that came the encouragement to ‘get a serious career’. I was very much wired to be a ‘good girl’ and so off I went to medical school. I loved the idea of helping people and making a difference, so what could go wrong?

Fast forward 10 years and broken by the junior doctor hospital experience, I made my bid for creative freedom. I paid my way through design college working A&E shifts, and set off for the big shiny city of London to pursue my dream of becoming an interior architect.

I worked my way up the design career ladder for 5 years, until single parenthood triggered a serious stock-take. I opted for the safety of a part-time medical career, and re-trained to become a GP. I succeeded but at a price.

Single motherhood, building a career as a part-time GP, and the pressure of being the sole bread winner for my tiny family have been the biggest challenges of my life. I wear the badge with pride but there were many times when I wondered if I would make it through.

Then in 2014 I had one of those years when the storm hit: my daughter was diagnosed with a serious health issue, my personal relationship collapsed, the new GP job I had taken on to make ends meet almost broke me, and my daughter decided to go and live with her dad. The final straw was a chest infection which absolutely floored me, and from which point my health just slid downhill like a tea tray on the snow.

Down I went: fatigue like you wouldn’t believe, everything in my body hurt, I was depressed, I became fearful of anything and everything, my body would hardly tolerate food, and all my systems went into chaos. I got infection after infection.  I put on crazy amounts of weight. And no matter what I did, things got worse not better. My lovely GP only had his prescription pad to help me, and deep down I just knew that the deep fatigue I felt had another cause. Something much more profound that standard issue depression and grief.

So I went looking for answers. And it turned out that I needed not just one thing, but a whole mixture of stuff: I needed a truly holistic approach counselling, homeopathy, nutrition, graded exercise, meditation, and ultra self-care like I had never done before. The books of Dr Mark Hyman were transformational and through them I discovered the power of functional medicine.

It took me a whole year.

And when I was ready to start thinking about work again, I decided it was time for a change in direction. I needed to work in a much more holistic, empowering way with my patients and to give people the kind of holistic health care I was able to get for myself.

Out with the old and in with the new. And this is what came up:

My passion is for change from the inside out, not prescription pad medicine.

My passion is for working together, in partnership, to go deep on what needs to be healed.

My passion is for healing what is causing the problems in the first place, even if that means peeling back layer upon layer untill we find the root cause.

My passion is for being equally prepared to work on physical health stuff as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

My passion is to see people come alive. I love to see people shift from feeling things are impossible and see them unfold and uncurl into reclaiming their health, their energy and their mojo.

My passion is to listen and really hear what is going on.

My passion is to see people relax into receiving the kind of support that will help them face where they are truly at, and start to move into a new direction, instead of hiding behind all the reasons why their health  can’t recover, or why they cant  live the life they really want.

I love witnessing people waking up and seeing new possibilities for themselves

being given permission to shed the cloak of excuse, or limitations, and actually reclaim their own possibilities and desires. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing another person starting to wake up, and really take on their health and their life.

I’m excited about the journey we will go on together. Its powerful stuff, having another person really hearing your story, really hearing what is getting in the way for you, and then guiding you through to new ways out, so that you can breathe again and step into who you are really meant to be.

I love talking about the power food, and teaching people about the miracle that is the human body. Its phenomenal. And we have a huge capacity for self healing, which I love to show people how to tap into that. so they become their own powerful resource.

Don’t get me wrong. Transforming your health is not a magic trick, a quick fix, or a pill you can take that will take care of it all. But I absolutely believe you can fall back in love with your health, your life and your body again.

So in May 2017 I opened the doors to a new clinic space where I could work with clients in this holistic way. Using a mixture of functional medicine, coaching, nutrition, relaxation practices, creative practices, centring work and self healing practices, we take on those parts of health for which there isn’t a simple answer, a single cure or a quick fix.

So Dr Margriet Health is all about you.

Helping you, guiding you, supporting, teaching, coaching you to get the very best heath possible for yourself. It’s not just about controlling disease we may have, or even being free from disease, but its about being well, feeling healthy and full of vitality. And living a BIG LIFE!

Are you ready?

Let me share some of my quirks:

  • I’m deeply passionate and very straight-laced
  • I’m a girlie swot who never stops learning
  • I’m intuitive and an academic
  • I’m an artist and a scientist
  • I work hard and I can be lazy
  • I’m very gentle and also very tough
  • I can be very quiet and talk the back legs of a donkey
  • Im strong but not unbreakable
  • I love and I am loved
  • I’m a nature girl who loves boutique hotels
  • I’m spiritual but I’m practical
  • I am the perfect blend of imperfections and I absolutely love it
Love your energy. You’re so enthusiastic. I love coming to see you ‘cos you are just so full of life. You’re a real pleasure to be a round and an inspiration.