Hello there! I’m Dr Margriet

I am the UK’s only fatigue recovery coach for women, a creator of online transformational health programmes and a qualified medical doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience.

“My passion is to support people just like you, to really understand what is happening in your health”.

Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, makes me feel more excited and blessed than seeing someone come back from the struggles of rubbishy health, fall back in love with the amazing thing that is the human body, and learn how to really expand their health and their life through holistic health recovery practices.


Walk away with a new understanding and a clear action plan of simple doable steps to create a life of energy, vitality and joy.

So why am I so passionate about this?

I am the daughter of first-generation Dutch immigrants. I came to the UK aged 10, speaking no English, so school was interesting for a while!  I have always loved both arts and science, but as luck would have it I went to the kind of school where the careers advice was: will you be a doctor, a dentist or an engineer?

My real passion was art, music and sports, but like a good girl, I went off to medical school in the 1980’s – the years of 120-hour junior doctor jobs and survival of the fittest.

Fast forward 10 years, and broken by the junior doctor hospital experience, I made my bid for creative freedom. I left medicine, trained as an interior architect/ designer and spent a wonderful 5 years working in London.

Many curve balls later and looming single parenthood, I went back to medicine and re-trained to become a GP. Single motherhood, building a career as a part-time GP, and the pressure of being the sole breadwinner for my tiny family was one of the biggest challenges of my life.

Then in 2014, I had my own health crash. In hindsight, I should have seen it coming. Years of stress, sleep depreciation, worry, anxiety, financial struggles, single parenting….. You get the picture!

Throw in some dysfunctional relationships and another curve ball or 2 and voila, in May 2015 my house of cards came tumbling down.

Down I went: fatigue like you wouldn’t believe, everything in my body hurt, I was depressed, I became fearful of anything and everything, my body would hardly tolerate food, and all my systems went into chaos. I got infection after infection,  I put on crazy amounts of weight and no matter what I did, things got worse, not better.

My lovely GP only had his prescription pad to help me, and deep down I just knew that the deep fatigue I felt had another cause.

That’s when I discovered the power of functional medicine and the need for a truly holistic approach.

Since then my health and my life have completely transformed. Not only did I completely recover my own health using functional medicine principles, but I have since qualified as a fully certified Functional Medicine practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine, the world’s foremost provider of functional medicine training.

Through online programmes and 1-2-1 clinic services, I have successfully helped over 100 women recover their health and their energy and I now I want the same for you.

My Passions 

  • Change from the inside out, not prescription pad medicine.
  • Witnessing people waking up and seeing new possibilities for themselves
  • Abundance in all things
  • Shared experience and authentic connection
  • Being natural and real
  • The outdoors, being in nature, and lots of natural light!
  • My beautiful family – I am so lucky to have them in my life.
  • Walks and cuddles with our spaniels!

Who Am I?

  • I’m deeply passionate but I also like to keep it super real.
  • I’m an artist and a scientist
  • I’m spiritual but also down to earth
  • I can be very quiet, but I can also talk the back legs off a donkey!
  • I’m a real girly swot who never stops learning
  • I’m intuitive and logical
  • I’m strong but not unbreakable