How to take back control when fatigue is sucking the life out of you

Struggling with fatigue is no joke. It is invisible, it is destructive, and it affects absolutely  every aspect of your life. No one else can see it or feel it. It is your private struggle to bear.

Because on the outside your life looks pretty good: you have a home, a job, you pay your bills on time, you plan holidays, you go out with friends. But ON THE INSIDE IT’S A DIFFERENT STORY.

You’re tired, you feel flat, and you just don’t have the joy and energy you used to have. You’re not as fit as you used to be, and your body is just not as forgiving. Those pounds are piling on, and when you run to answer the phone, it takes an embarrassingly long time to catch your breath.

You tell yourself it’s just…..

You tell yourself it’s just your age. You tell yourself it’s that stressful project at work and once that’s behind you, you’ll feel better. Or maybe you over did it at the weekend and a quiet day will soon put you back on track. Except that it doesn’t. Deep down you know it’s more than that.

It’s the fact that you’ve always given 100% to everything you do and kept little back for yourself. It’s the fact that you always put the needs of others before your own, even when you were dog tired yourself.

It’s the fact that you are so strong, capable and reliable, people expect you to fix their stuff, to go the extra mile but NO ONE ASKS YOU WHAT YOU NEED.

It’s the fact that you simply don’t have the time or the energy to focus on a new diet or exercise regime. You don’t have time to relax, to recharge your batteries.

It’s the fact that right now, although you have achieved so much, and you really shouldn’t complain, you feel like your life and your health are not really on your terms.

The reality is you are tired to your core, and something has to give.

Like with anything that is the result of weeks/months and probably years of ‘stuff’, there is no quick fix, but there is LOADS YOU CAN DO. So to start you off in the right direction here goes.

7 Tips to reboot your energy

Here are my 7 top tips to reclaim that energy:


1)Eat really really really well. Get some wholesome nutritious foods inside you so that every single cell in your body is happy. So that all the wonderful functions your body carries out every day are supported with the ingredients your body needs. I’m talking healthy gut, healthy brain, healthy heart, muscles, nerves, chemical processes that can just flow….food is the key. And you can start TODAY. Did you know that it takes only 3 days of eating better to start healing your gut microbiome?

And “NO!” to all the stuff that hurts our cells: especially sugar, a low fibre beige diet, and processed stuff. We don’t need it, and your body definitely doesn’t want it.


2)Get good at relaxing. No you don’t need to start meditating (although its pretty good stuff), or sit crossed legged and DO breathing( and thats good too)… It is so important to balance up our superbusy lives which are all about action, get up and go, worrying, planning, plotting, scheduling, deadlines, doing 2 things at once and living tomorrow today. We need to slow down, just a tiny bit, so there is a bit more spaciousness in the day. Time for a few moments here and there to savour the good stuff. A beautiful piece of music, a long hot shower, just time to stop and stare at the sky. Knowing how to give yourself these moments is absolutely key to a healthful life.


3)Sleep like a  baby! Enough said.


4)Move. No not exercise, or going to the gym, or signing up for a marathon. Just moving!  We are a nation of sedentary folks and our bodies hate it. Our bodies are trying to let us know, cos a body that doesn’t move much, gets sick. Think of water that doesn’t move- its gets stinky and stagnant and horrible…am I painting the picture here?! Moving is such an energiser. Go on try it!


5)Laugh more! And if you don’t feel like laughing much, then fake it till you make it. Even when we just put on a belly laugh, it stimulates the happy hormones. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.


6)Connect to people who get you. Who share your interests, your passions, your beliefs, your values. There no greater joy than shared experience, and connection. And it boosts our emotional energy like nothing else.


7) Find your passion and pour yourself into it. Be that a project, a job, a cause, a hobby, a relationship…. our passion is the emotional energy that can invigorate us like nothing else.

So now you have some pointers as to which way to go, I strongly recommend you choose one, and make a start. TODAY!