Let me show you the 5 Proven Steps To Eliminate Fatigue And Have Incredible All Day Energy

Even if you have tried everything and feel like just giving up.

This 45 minute FREE masterclass will be the best time you have spent on your health in years!

I’m going to show you…


The exact step by step method I use with my private clients to eliminate fatigue and create beautiful stable energy that lasts all day. I’m talking about the kind of energy that leaves you feeling years younger! Sound good?!


Why relying on caffeine or taking power naps is the worst way to overcome fatigue and the simple steps that I teach my clients to feel refreshed and alert again. Ready for some of that?


The most important steps to banish the brain fog once and for all, so that you can enjoy having a clear thinking mind and experience more energy than ever! Can you remember what that feels like?


How to easily have the energy and stamina to cope with those challenges and curve balls that come out of nowhere from time to time! So that you can stay totally calm and collected, without yopur energy levels crashing on the floor or losing motivation. Imagine being the queen of that kind of cool!!


How to avoid the downward spiral of fatigue, that leads to feeling low and like the joy has been drained out of you. And instead I will show you how to reconnect to true happiness and a sense of incredible vitality. Even if that seems like a million light years away from being possible right now.


And… how you can manage to do all of this while falling back in love with yourself and your life and learn how to feel more radiant and alive than ever before!

Margriet Van Nieuwburg

Hi I’m Dr Margriet and I am absolutely passionate about helping women get out of fatigue and exhaustion, reconnecting them to their natural vitality and energy and seeing them get their lives back on track.

I’ve been a medical doctor for 30 years and I am a Certified Functional Medical Practitioner. I’ve recovered from my own fatigue journey and I now specialise in helping women to do the same, using functional medicine principles.

In the last 3 years I’ve helped over 100 women reboot their health, and reclaim their energy vitality and joy. I love bringing all my knowledge, experience and passion to this important and life changing work.