5 Easy ways to build your motivation toolkit

Is motivation really as elusive as we think it is? Or is it something we can cultivate, build and then draw on any time we want? 

It’s true that motivation is a FEELING. And we all know that feelings can be elusive. They can come and go. And it can then seem like we are waiting for something vital, that we need to help us succeed, but that we have no control over. 

So let’s take a closer look at this MOTIVATION thing.  Because for so many of us this is the big one!! It can seem so unreliable! One day you’re high vibe fizzing with motivation, the next day you just can’t feel the buzz and everything seems pointless, and you just want to give up! 


Can you create motivation?


So before you give yourself a hard time, let me reassure you that all of this is quite normal!! Its human. But that doesn’t mean we are helpless! Far from it!!


Motivation is one of those words that seems to be a deal breaker for people. Here is what I often hear people struggling with:

“I just can’t get motivated”

“If only I had the motivation then I could….”

“When I’m motivated its easy but……”


Can you hear how this sets things up, so that the bottleneck becomes the motivation itself?  That this approach makes motivation the barrier, the thing that makes or breaks your success? That allows you to succeed with your health project, or not? The thing that decides if you get to lose weight? Or if you eat for optimum energy and health? Or not?!


“Motivation does not come falling out of the sky”


So here’s the thing: motivation does not come falling out of the sky. It is not something ‘special’ that you either have or you don’t. And it is definitely something you have control over!! Honest!!!!

You can cultivate and nurture your motivation! It is the result of the right balance of ingredients, mindsets, and approach. Yes, Im talking about building your motivation toolkit. And exactly what goes in to your toolkit, is unique to you. The balance of what we need to build that motivation, so it is something we can rely on rather than just hope for,  is unique to each and everyone of us.


Building your motivation toolkit


So what can you put into your toolkit? What are these special ingredients? These mindsets?

Here are some of the ingredients that can help you to build motivation:


????Getting clear on your WHY. 

This is the big one. If you know exactly why you want something, the motivation will just flow. So say you want to lose weight. Ask yourself why? Pop the answer on a piece of paper. Then ask yourself why again, and keep asking yourself, so you really drill down into exactly WHY you want this thing. Now how does your motivation feel?


????Connect intentionally to  ALL the benefits for you.

We are not just talking about the obvious ones – we are talking about all of them. The big stuff and the little stuff. So go ahead: make a list, build a pinterest board, do a collage vision board. Whatever floats your boat. But somehow, somewhere pulls it all together. 

All the benefits: how it will make you feel, look, what you will learn along the way, how your life will change. ALL OF IT!!! And then really take a good look at your collection. Build the picture in your mind of how your life will be when you have put all these pieces in place. Let it all sink in. How motivated do you feel?


????Make an ultra CLEAR PLAN. 

They say “Fail to plan, plan to fail”.

That’s harsh but true, in my experience. But did you know that planning really builds your motivation? Because it takes the doubts and the unknowns away. If you can see the exact steps you need to take, you can feel confident, clear and the motivation will just flow.

The biggest mistake I see people make, especially intelligent driven people, is that they stay aligned with the broad concept, or the idea of the project. 

Take weight loss. They like the idea of it, and they might even sign up to a ‘plan’ of some sort, but they don’t drill down into the details. And as we all know, the devil is in the details!!


????Learn to future pace yourself. 

This means powerfully connecting with exactly how your health will be if you follow your plan, and the results you will get. Visualise the journey, the steps you will take along the way, as well as the end result.

This process is called future pacing, and it’s incredibly powerful in terms of connecting you to what you really want and building your motivation.


????Start with EASY!!!  

Another big myth that I see so many of my clients struggle with when they first come to work with me is the idea that we have to go all in right from the start. We push ourselves to be perfect !! We want to have it nailed and squared away.

This is a bit like starting a marathon at sprint pace! When we all know you need to start slow, give yourself the chance to relax into the process, and find your natural flow. Instead we throw ourselves into things, only to ‘ burn out’ on the project a few weeks or a few months later.


So I hope that you are now inspired! To build your motivation toolkit. To make plans for your very best health and wellbeing. And to enjoy your health projects with confidence and , ultimately, success!



Margriet xx


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