Hi I’m Margriet from Dr Margriet Health, a holistic health practice based in Suffolk, UK.

Great health is so much more than the absence of disease. It is about being fully well at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Great health is about flourishing and it is about living a big life.

It is about living with all the energy, joy and vitality you need and want. It is about living your life fully, without holding back. And this is what we are all about.

My greatest loves in life are

  • Gorgeous energy, vitality and joy
  • Abundance in all things
  • Shared experience and authentic connection.
  • Being natural and being real
  • Being fully expressed in all that we do
  • Being outdoors, being in nature
  • Natural light- lots of it!!!
  • My beautiful family
  • Walks and cuddles with our spaniels!

I try to bring as much of this as possible into the work we do here at Dr Margriet Health.

I look forward to meeting you.


Hi I’m Margriet and I work as a GP, coach and functional medicine practitioner.

I believe that great health is so much more than the absence of disease.

It is about flourishing and it is about living a big life full of energy, joy and vitality. This is what I aim for in my work.

Together we take a holistic approach to your health, using natural means wherever possible to support, treat and heal you.



Your health is your wealth.

I am all about working holistically so that you can live your life to the fullest. Great health means we need to heal from the inside out and taking care of the underlying causes that are driving our health issues.

So if you are interested in understanding your health, taking an active part in your recovery, empowering yourself to change, and working with your body not against it, then this work is for you.



My blogs aim to inspire, communicate and connect with you.

Every month I take a look at what is trending, what my clients need and create in depth information for you to enjoy. I talk about what I believe in, and what I stand for. I share my passions, insights and  inspirations. I talk about health in all its aspects: physical, emotional , mental and spiritual. Because I believe they are all connected and we can’t have one without the others.


Thank you Dr Margriet for putting all this together. I really thought I was stuck and now I feel I can live my life again. And be who I really am. My health is so much better and I now feel confident about how to look after myself to keep it that way. It is a great feeling. Susan Lockwood